Trouble is sure to arise when you mix celebrities and direct communication with the public. Click through the gallery to see some of the most famous celebrity social media backlash moments.

1. Beyonce was at the center of an Instagram uproar when she posed provocatively in front of a picture of The Last Supper.

2. Snoop Dogg caught backlash when he uploaded a picture of him smoking marijuana with his teenage son.

3. After pop singer Rita Ora broke up with Rob Kardashian, he implied that she slept with over 20 guys on Twitter.

4. Gospel singer Erica Campbell found herself in the middle of a social media uproar over a skin-tight white dress she wore on her album cover.

5. Floyd Mayweather posted pictures of his ex girlfriend’s abortion paperwork on Instagram.

6. Shaq was found making fun of a disabled man on Instagram. The man eventually created an anti-bullying program as a result.

7. 13-year-old Willow Smith was the subject of criticism when she was spotted on Instagram with a shirtless 20 year old man

8. Donald Sterling lost ownership of the LA Clippers from making racist comments that stemmed from a photo of his girlfriend and a black player on Instagram

9. Kobe Bryant caught backlash over controversial tweets about Trayvon Martin and race.

10. Nick Cannon caught tons of backlash when he uploaded a photo of him wearing whiteface on Instagram.

11. Ochocinco was fined $25K for tweeting during a pre-season game.

12. Mark Cuban was fined $25K after publicly criticizing the referees after the Nuggets beat the Mavericks.

13. Al Roker tweeted a photo from a jury duty he served exposing other jurors’ identities.

14. 50 Cent sent cryptic messages on Twitter about ending his life.

15. Rihanna had her Instagram account deleted after uploading a magazine cover where she appeared topless.

16. Teyana Taylor lost her Adidas deal after making a picture of a battered Rihanna her profile picture during a Twitter spat with the singer.

17. Roland Martin got in trouble with GLADD and was suspended from CNN.

18. Ciara and Rihanna had a Twitter spat but have since made up.

19. Chris Brown on GMA tweeted “I’m so over people bringing this s**t up!!!”

20. Lady Gaga upset the National Eating Disorder Asso. with the hashtag PopSingersD

21. Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address for George Zimmerman.

22. Ashton Kutcher’s ill-advised Joe Paterno tweet

23. Kanye tweeted his opinion on women who use pregnancy as a money making scheme

24. Gilbert Gottfried was dropped by Aflac for tasteless Tsunami jokes.

25. Justin Bieber pretended to tweet his own number and causing trouble for a couple

26. Rashard Mendenhall he tweeted his objection to folks celebrating Osama’s death.

27. Courtney Love accused a former Nirvana drummer of seducing her daughter.