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WARNING: This video is *NSFW. It contains extremely vulgar language.

“I hope you didn’t pay your source, you got beat, LOL.”

That was “RHOA’s” Peter Thomas‘ comeback to Hip Hollywood.com. Actually his language was a bit more colorful and you can hear it in the Instagram clip above.

On Wednesday evening, Hip Hollywood claimed it had breaking news about Thomas being arrested in connection with crimes committed by Apollo Nida.

It didn’t take Thomas long post a video on Instagram informing his fans that the site’s report of his arrest was bogus. After all, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband was in Charlotte, NC partying when the report hit the internet.


Looks like somebody done made a big boo-boo. Here’s what Hip Hollywood published:

Earlier this year, Apollo received a sentence of eight years in prison for various types of fraud. But, it looks like he’s not going down unless he takes a few people with him.

Sources tell HipHollywood, that Phaedra Parks’ incarcerated hubby wore a wire and got Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter caught up in some mess. As a result, our source tells us Thomas was arrested in Atlanta on Wednesday.

Well obviously that’s not the case. At least not now it isn’t.

What we do know is that Apollo Nida is serving an 8-year sentence and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 7 premieres Nov. 9 and Hip Hollywood says the situation will be part of show’s storyline.

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(Photo/Video Source: Instagram)

8 thoughts on “RUMOR REPORT: ‘RHOA’ Peter Thomas Allegedly Wore Wire Around Apollo; Peter Claps Back (Watch)

  1. Cassandra S. on said:

    Who gives a CRAP about Peter. Cynthia you can and will do better. You reap what you sow. Some people will do anything for ratings. Peter acts like a BITCH and will not bust a GRAPE.. Grow a PAIR…

  2. So the headlines said Peter wore the wire. BUT later in the article, it said Apollo wore a wire to catch Peter….WHO PROOF READS THIS CRAP??? BEFORE PRINTING

  3. Raynen on said:

    This “guy” is absolutely disgusting and ridiculous!!! He’s 70 years old and speaks and acts like he’s a 19 year old hood rat from Detroit!!!!! Plus he looks like a grizzled old extra in Planet of Apes.

    • Kathryn on said:

      Here we go with another ignorant racist making comments behind a keyboard. Peter is very handsome and you need to get off our websites and go to KKK websites!!! UGH

      • Since when is this anyones website. You are the racist. How do you know
        which race Raymen is? Raymen is entitled to his opinion. I also never understood why someone as beautiful and talented as Cynthia married him. He is obviously not a good business person as he has one failed business after another and does look like a grizzly old man. Just because someone disagrees with you does not make him an ignorant racist, but your reaction to his opinion definitely makes you one. Next time you want to scream racist, go look in the mirror and talk to yourself

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