1. Terry Crews is known for his muscles and bald head.

2. Boris Kodjoe is a beautiful, bald man.

3. It really doesn’t matter what Dwayne Johnson does to his head, we love it all.

4. Taye Diggs hair began receding pretty early, luckily he went with this look.

5. Tyrese has been one of our favorite bald men since his ‘Sweet Lady’ days.

6. Well we knew Ne-yo was bald, but who knew he was BUFF?

7. Michael Jordan may not be as buff as his playing days but he’s not too bad for his age.

8. Sometimes Terrell Owens tries to grow his hair out, but bald is best.

9. Chad Johnson has always rocked a bald hair-do.

10. Samuel L. Jackson is definitely bald and we think he’s in pretty good shape too.

11. Djimon Hounsou rocks the bald look all too well.

12. Romany Malco kills the bald and buff look. Have you seen ‘Think Like A Man’?

13. Common has always had this look and never fails to impress!

14. Morris Chestnut giving us life with his bald and chiseled look!

15. Shemar Moore has always been buff but he’ also joined the bald club and he’s looking good!

16. L.L Cool J with his bald and buff self!