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For whatever reason Pastor Juan McFarland (pictured) just won’t go away.

You would think that he would be too ashamed to set foot in the pulpit at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama after revealing that he has AIDS and slept with church members without telling them.

But on Sunday, that’s exactly where the pastor was. Ironically, McFarland’s sermon was on “divine healing.”

And get this. Even though the church hierarchy voted for McFarland to step down 80-2, following his AIDS admission as well as other troubling actions such as drug use and mishandling church funds, he confirmed to WSFA News 12 that he wasn’t going anywhere.

To counter McFarland’s decision not to leave, the church has obtained legal counsel. WFSA is also reporting that Julian McPhillips a Montgomery attorney and his law partner, Kenneth Shinbaum, are now representing the church. McPhillips says it’s clear a legal battle is the only way to make McFarland turn over the keys, bank account and any other affiliation with the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.

“We are finalizing paperwork right now. We plan to file a civil lawsuit Tuesday, which will include a restraining order keeping him away from the church property,” McPhillips said.

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(Video Source: WCET-TV)

15 thoughts on “Unwanted AIDS Infected Pastor Refuses to Leave Church (Watch)

  1. Judge not that you be not judged,for with the same judgement you judge……it will be measured to you again!😞 Pray and fast for the brother ,let God passed judgement not you!!!!😞

  2. C.A. A. on said:

    Her it is folks:

    Whatever he is “SMOKING” or “GROWING” must be good!!! Why would anybody in there right mind try Devine Heeling! Come on guy what or who do you think you are? Jim Jones was a complete maniac then here comes you. (PLEASE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This deplorable pastor should be sent to jail. I thought it was a crime for HIV & AIDS infected people to have sex without informing their partners they are infected.

  4. yes it is true but who are you to throw any stones.yes he is wrong. (Who is right?) Some of same people who want him out probably need be out.who said he couldn’t have HIV and preach. Gods going. Fight all other battles. The people’s he hurt.god probably gave them instant healing just because as witness. Power and goodness. Sad.

  5. Virginia sullivan on said:

    I’m sure God isn’t pleased with his actions. I hope these people aren’t still supporting his man financially, or any other way. He has no shame. It’s almost like he think he’s entitled.

  6. Virginia on said:

    Until the church gets a restraining order to keep this man away, he SHOULD be preaching to empty pews. Nothings keeps the congregation from walking out when he begins to speak. We all believe in forgiveness, but what he did was criminal, and should be handled by the law. Just don’t come to church until he’s gone.

    • barbara on said:

      I agree with Virginia, let him come , he will be there all alone. But that will never happen because people are not going to church for the right reasons they are going there to have their ears tickled that’s all. They don’t really want to hear the truth or what the Bible really have to say about his conduct or theirs , they’re just there for the circus.
      And people wonder what’s wrong with the youth, look at their examples …… why would the parents continue to go to such a disgusting place in the name of religion.

  7. Kimlie on said:

    I always say, most who called them preachers, bishops, etc. is not the one that God called to get his message out to his people. You suppose to set a example to your church and your community. I never understood, how you can go on the pulpits and teach to his people and you not right yourself where there are a lot of adultery, and having sex with other members in the church. Never put any man high on the panel stone.

  8. This is exactly why I say that some of the “biggest sinners” are sitting in the churches pulpits!

    This church needs to change the locks on all the church doors and obtain a restraining order against this POS
    since he refuses to be a man and step aside and leave this church!!!!!!—-


    • Linda, i have to sadly say I agree with you 100 percent I attended church almost every Sunday I tried a little more life be a good husband and father, this brings embarrassment & disappointment do the people in the church but I’m looking for some type of help or guidance through life. Even though my faith is not in the man my faith is in a spiritual being a higher power it still puts a black eye on the faith. shame one that man for abusing his power and shame on the women that new better and still gave into his influence.

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