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While you can’t completely avoid getting split ends, you can definitely take measures to prevent a head full of them. There is nothing that can ruin a perfectly done style more than the dull, frizzy ends of your hair taking away from the finished look. Not only will your new ‘do be ruined, but the health of your hair will be in dire question. It’s tough to grow your hair long and strong when the ends are fried, jagged and all different lengths.

Take a peek at these quick tips for prevention or recovery:


That’s right. The best way to avoid and conquer those pesky ends is to get your hair trimmed REGULARLY. Make sure if you are into the DIY hair rescue or are anti-hair salon that you not only know what you are doing, but are using the right tools. You can’t trim your hair with craft store scissors. This can cause more damage than you started with. Sharp, professional-grade scissors are needed for this task.

Ditch the Heat

I think it’s pretty apparent by now to everyone that overdoing it in the styling department can wreak havoc on your ends. No worries, you don’t have to completely end your ‘Blowout Sundays’, ‘Flat Iron Wednesdays’ an Curling Iron Fridays’. The key here is being practical and knowing the limits and boundaries you must set on yourself. If you want to curl your hair, why not skip the hefty blow dry session and opt for air drying. If you want to press your hair, why not try pin curls.

Mask in Moisture

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