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Roland Martin talks to Alabama Attorney Donald Watkins about Mark Fuller, the Alabama Federal Judge who beat his wife and will be allowed to keep his job.

“It’s unbelievable. Mark Fuller is a thug and a coward. The beating he did to his wife was much worse than anything Ray Rice did…yet this guy gets to keep his job. Nobody in Congress is calling for his job. It’s a mugshot gut judging other mugshot guy,” Watkins said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview!

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2 thoughts on “Roland Martin On Alabama Federal Judge Who Beat Wife, But Will Keep His Job

  1. Disabled Veteran, Billy Kidwell, files Complaint with United States Commission on Civil Rights against Eleventh Circuit Federal Judges.

    Please visit my website where I expose Judicial Corruption and the loss of Constitutional Rights for the working class.

    Any help with News Media Exposure would be greatly appreciated.

    Also would you be interested in trading links?


    Billy Ray Kidwell
    A 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran

  2. What Ray Rice did was bad but Black America should not forget that racism in the media is very alive and well. There has a lot pressure by the media to NFL by talking heads against Ray Rice that he should lose his job in NFL which he has but it was on all media outlet bot local and national as if it was terrorist attack on America. Every was talking hysterically despite the fact it person issue with his wife. He was not elected but worked due his ability and hard work. It was given to him to play in NFL through privilege like most White America and they are very resentful that a black man is making money and not on the street or in jail. So, they hyped it to make it look worst than it was. It is obvious that Ray did something wrong but we all do not know are all the facts about the incident. If it had been a white man that killed his wife, shot or drowned his wife in water somewhere, it would not be insanely covered in the media as this has been, and for him to lose his job so would never work again as they control American job market. That would be their wish come true as they always want black down and in jail.

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