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A seemingly normal interview with Mike Tyson went downhill after the interviewer asked the wrong question at the wrong time.

Media sources report that Tyson was not thrilled with the questions he was asked by CP24, anchor Nathan Downer. During the interview, Downer brought up Toronto mayor Rob Ford and criticism he received for meeting with the former boxing champ.

“Some of your critics would say, ‘There’s a race for mayor. We know you’re a convicted rapist. This could hurt his campaign,’” Downer asked Tyson. “How would respond to that?”

Needless to say, Tyson wasn’t a happy camp with the line of questioning as he called , “negative.”

“It’s so interesting, you come off like a nice guy. But that was really a piece of s—, that comment. F— you. That was a piece of s—.”

In the days following, Downer took to social media to address the situation and the foul language used during the interview. Below are Downer’s tweets regarding the interview with Tyson:

“I’m okay everybody. Unfortunately my question hurt Mike Tyson’s feelings. That was not my intentions. My apologies (sic) for the language.”

“No ill will toward Mike Tyson. He lashed out at me and that’s okay. Not taking it personally.”

Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth – Live on Stage
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27 thoughts on “Mike Tyson Goes Off On Reporter After ‘Convicted Rapist’ Comment [WATCH]

  1. BuffaloSoldier on said:

    All these responses supporting Mike Tyson’s bad behavior that by now has gone viral and has been seen by at least 500 million people in many countries world wide, again many Brothers don’t seem to understand that as a public figure like Mike Tyson is you can expect Journalist to ask you any question do You Brothers understand ? … Ask any questions period there is no such a thing as not being allowed to ask any questions period!!! Mike is a convicted sex offender like it or not he was convicted of raping a Miss Black America contestant….. Just like Don King who killed a man as a Mob enforcer in Cleveland ….. How come Great Black Heavy weight Boxing Champs never ever got in trouble like Mike? great champs like Joe Frazier, ali, Ken Norton, Larry Holmes , Evander Hollyfield ,Ali, Joe Louis.. Why Mike who bit the ears off Evander while getting beat up the Real Deal, Mike was Ko’d 4 times . Mike is hoodlum who is suffering from a brain chemical imbalance .

    Why don’t you guys volunteer to pay his legal bill if the journalist sues him?

  2. I wish Mike would have said he did his time for that crime. To this day I think Mike was set-up cause he was the best boxer of all time then! He didn’t have the best attorneys representing him or his best interest! He had to be dealt with and was sent to jail. There has to be some resentment for that internally! However, next time don’t let them see you sweat, before every interview tell them the only questions you will answer and know the questions up front. Find a new agent! You have a long way to go but you have come a long way!

    • decpanthers on said:

      Mike was right and why he gonna be THE GOOD NEGRO. Mike didn’t have to say he did time for the crime because the guy knew it. Why you mad at Mike and not at the reporter., Just because you let people walk all over you and say what they want to say to you disrespect you doesn’t mean we all have to be a fool like you. With a question like that as a reporter he should have been prepared for the answer. This guy would not called Trump a THIEF for going to the government for money to save his failing companies and why is he going in bankruptcy again for the 10th time. This guy would definitely call Sarah Palin DUMB for seeing Russia from her house and going to 5 schools in 10 years to get a 4 year degree. He knows he would lose his job if he treated Trump and Palin likes that but will have job security for like for disrespecting Mike Tyson.

      • Timekeeper on said:

        Loyce, decpanthers. Your words ring true! Thank you for adding some weight to this perspective. Journalists job is to be introperspective, not to simply provoke people. If this were TMZ or the enquirer, then yes. But don’t call yourself a respectable journalist and then go into the gutter like that.
        Broken English, Yes. Hard to look at, Maybe? But Mike still had a right to tell that punk and Spaz to step off.

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      Loyce He did get set up for sure by Don King who ended ripping Mike off for $105 Million.
      As far as Mike loosing his cool that was stupid by Mike he could have ended up in jail for the rest of his life and many brothers on this site still don’t get it ! I like what you said that he should have calmly stated that he was not prepared to re litigate the past and he should have then walked out of the interview without making any more comments … This is called being professional and in control .. All of you brothers who support Mike’s action are irresponsible and narcissistic .. why would anyone urge Mike to punch this guy out possibly kill him or permanently cripple him why?? Are you guys prepared to pay Mike’s legal bills? Take care of his Wife and kids ? Thinks about this for a minutes Brothers and sisters think!!!!

      • decpanthers on said:

        The guy was unprofessional with Mike so Mike was unprofessional with him. Why are you not saying the guy was wrong in his actions. As a professional he should have known how to act as well. It goes both ways. So this jerk gets a pass while Mike get all of the critics for not being professional. If you can’t stand the heat get outta the kitchen. Good for you Mike.

  3. BuffaloSoldier on said:

    I am disappointed in our Brother Mike Tyson’s street thug behavior that could still end him in Jail by uttering threats to Ko this little journalist . A former Heavy Champ behaving like a ill mannered Thug. You would have never ever seen George Foreman , Joe Frazier, Ali, Larry Holmes behave like this thug…. These are the types of behaviors that get Black Brothers killed… Journalist are trained to irritate public figures , Mike would be on his way to jail forever had he decided to punch this little journalist… would it be worth it? even uttering threat to cause bodily harm uttered none other than a former world champ can still earn him a one way ticket to Jail….. The what ? … He loses his freedom that is a poor choice by Mike….

  4. I went on a date with mike back in 84 real cool guy, this guy was an idiot to bring up something like that it has no bearing on whats going on in the HERE AND NOW!

  5. Can’t stand Tyson, and never have. He is SUPER hard on the eyes!! Also has anyone heard the recent comments Robin Gibbons made about the abuse she sustained when she was with him?

  6. Timekeeper on said:

    Mike Tyson is absolutely right. That Journalist ( And I use the term loosely) is a piece of S—T. to bring up something from over 20 years ago, just to score a few brownie points as a classless, no account low blow. Like someone else said, back in the day Mike would have ripped his head off. Although I have a feeling someone is going to do that anyway. Because he’s a sniveling jerk!

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      Mike’s bad behavior and poor communication skills still have the potential to earn him a one way ticket to jail … if the Journalist chooses to press charges … Uttering threat to commit bodily harm is a serious offense especially from a former world heavy champ who has no self control. People have the right to ask questions and Mike has The right not to answer them … This is called Freedom Of Speech …… President Obama is way more powerful than Mike Tyson and he uses self control.. That is what Brothers must learn

      • Timekeeper on said:

        I sincerely thank you for your comments attached to my post. All I will say to you is I completely disagree. I welcome other points of view as I am certainly not opposed to other opinions. However, I have read your expressions, and the one above as well.
        I stand on what I said, period!
        Thank You

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      Brother Timekeeper!
      Help me understand …What would Mike gain by hurting this guy? ..Who would visit Mike In Jail ?
      Why didn’t great fighters like Joe Frazier, Foreman, Ali behave badly like Mike when face with a hard nosed journalist no tougher than Baby Crap? This is called having self control… Brothers need to learn this or keep on getting slaughtered…. Is that the end result? ,,, Is Being Dead Right better Than being Smart Right? Talk To Me Brother… You know I am right Brother… It;s all about self control

      • Timekeeper on said:

        Help you understand? No, I don’t think so. After all of these various posts from others, if you don’t get it by now, you probably never will. And No, I do not think you are right. But again, God Bless you for your opinion, at least you are concerned. But many others, not just me see it differently.

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      And be i Jail for 30 plus years if he hurt him badly….. Mike has just lost respect all over the world by this type behavior… He is playing into the expected behaviors that White people have of big strong Black athletes … poor choice bad behavior … I understand The journalist still may press charges against Mike.

  7. The White guy is looking at that host like “do you realize how close you are to getting KNOCKED THE F_ _ _ OUT on this stage?” LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      No laughing mater Mike has to control his emotions , at least 45 million people all over the world know about this incidence and that reflects directly on all of us Black Americans … We are perceived as un educated , crude , and violent … That is how the world inside and outside America see us and this affects how the police treat us …. We need to change how we behave ,,, We know that White folks look down on us why are we playing into their hands? Why ? let us take the High Road

      • I hear ya! Then again, I really don’t give a damn what White folks think? Who are they? NOTHING but fellow human beings. Blacks don’t need their validation. Speaking of being “uneducated”, they (Whites) have the highest illiteracy rates in America. There are more White folks on welfare than anyone else. Are you kidding me? Check out some of their trailer parks. As for the “violence” factor, we (Blacks) had good teachers. You tell me anything more VIOLENT than kidnapping folks from their land, raping the women, enslaving, lynching, etc. Blacks could NOT be as violent on their worst day as Whites have routinely been. Nice try, but they’re in NO moral position to judge Blacks folks. PERIOD. I have a Master’s Degree and couldn’t care less about some generic White person’s opinion of me. It’s no more relevant than my view of them. I’m an educated Black veteran now in the corporate realm. Most Whites are not even qualified to judge me to be honest with you. Again, Tyson would’ve “dropped him” on the spot years ago. Lucky man!

  8. Jacqueline Perry on said:

    Mike was right, and gave this guy just what he deserved.example of black negativity.wonder what was his like to have seen mike puch him.

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      Sister..Sister .. You didn’t mean that my beautiful sister . Mike punches this guy? He kills him or hurt him badly then what ? life in prison till he dies … even threatening to beat the journalist can still cost him years in jail… yes it can Sister … a former heavy champ convicted with rape ? are you kidding!!!! Back to jail Mike …. The police could easily have killed him if they had to arrest him… Sister You don’t want to see that would You? … People can ask Questions .. and Mike can choose to answer or not… using violence is a no no

      • decpanthers on said:

        Are you sure you are not auditioning for the head house slave Negro role in 12 years a slave part 2.

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