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Back in May, Mike Tyson and Kenan Thompson got into a heated debate about using the N-word during an episode of the boxer’s podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. 

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Mike Tyson says he has no concerns about flying commercial following his in-flight dust-up with a fellow airplane passenger. 

Thankfully it looks like retired boxing champ Mike Tyson dodged a hit from the San Mateo County district attorney after charges were officially dropped in his viral JetBlue airplane brawl last month.

A drunk plane passenger found out the bloody way why boxing legend Mike Tyson is known as "The Baddest Man on the Planet" after an altercation on a recent flight from San Francisco to Florida.

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Mike Tyson launched his U.S.-based cannabis brand Tyson 2.0 in October and now the company has explained to over 100 retailers across California. 

According to his ex-bodyguard Rudy Gonzalez, boxing legend Mike Tyson had to literally have sex before stepping in the ring to calm himself down as a way of refraining from killing his opponent. 

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Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has revealed that he “died” during his first trip with toad venom.

'Moonlight' lead actor Trevante Rhodes will fill the gloves of the titular character in 'Iron Mike,' an eight-episode series on Hulu about the iconic boxer's life.

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We are about to get a deeper look into the life of one of the most dominating figures in sports. A new project about the life of Mike Tyson has been greenlit. As spotted on Deadline Jamie Foxx has been tapped to play Kid Dynamite in a new biographical series. The actor has been alluding to the […]

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Robin Givens is opening up about feeling dread when she first learned of the Mike Tyson biopic that’s currently in development starring Jamie Foxx. “I felt this drop in the pit of my stomach and was like, ‘Oh no, here we go again,’” the actress, 55, tells PEOPLE. “I felt like the world was crumbling again.” LIKE BLACKAMERICAWEB ON FACEBOOK. […]

The 54-year-old former undisputed champion will return to the ring on September 12th to face former 4 division champion Roy Jones, Jr in what is billed as the "Frontline Battle.