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The owner of Philly burger joint PYT, Tommy Up, accused Philadelphia Eagles player LeSean McCoy of leaving a small tip of only 20 cents instead of 20 percent.

McCoy and three guests visited PYT Monday night and although the group’s bill turned out to be $61.76 — he left a 20 cent tip, which is only .32 percent.

The owner established on the restaurant’s Facebook page it was the LeSean McCoy — not a random one who didn’t leave a real tip.

But although some expected backlash on McCoy’s end, the restaurant has actually experienced the bulk of the backlash, instead of the NFLer — specifically on Facebook.

One commenter questioned the restaurant’s service and responded with a bad service experience he (or she) experienced.

“How was the service? I’ve had shi**y service with you guys before. Maybe he thought it was fair.”

And another commenter pointed out Up and PYT made the wrong decision blasting a customer on Facebook and posting the receipt.

“Bad form PYT. Posting this is disturbing and unprofessional. Have you read your Yelp page? SMH.”

Nevertheless, Up maintained his story about McCoy. He pointed out there was no problem with the service and that the men were a handful — expressing the need for a bigger tip. “They were not easy customers,” he said.

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7 thoughts on “Eagles’ LeSean McCoy Leaves 20 Cent Tip At Burger & Booze Joint

    • White People Lie, Cheat, Steal and Kill. Will look you in the face and smile (not blink an eye) as if they have done Nothing. Masters of Corruption! So quick to say how terrible somebody else is, and more crooked than a barrel of fish hooks!

  1. Mrknowitall on said:

    Black privledge means not tipping. Blacks don’t tip.
    If the restuarant paid more they would have to charge more. If this racist black football player had a bad day pay him .20 cents and see if he likes it.
    Twitter: tommylovemonkey

  2. decpanthers on said:

    Why do people expect for them to make it RAIN when they come into an estsblishment and you want to embarrass them. No you make yourself look like a fool. They don’t owe you anything if they paid the bill. If you think people aren’t tipping well pay your employees a Higher salary and you won’t have to worry about folks tipping so they can make a living. How much is the owner making.

  3. I’m only obligated to pay for my Meal, which is already Over Priced! Restaurant Owners are getting over. They buy their products/food in bulk so it’s cheaper. Then they charge outrageous prices for food and pay their staff a very low salary! So I say the tip is included in that $25 or more meal I paid for!

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