These “free spirited” folks sometimes have difficulty and rebuke structure. A failure or unwillingness to plan only invites chaos and disorganization.  Heightened impulsivity is the main ingredient to not thinking logically and pragmatically about how to solve issues.  Beware.

6. Reckless behavior and/or indifference to one’s own or other’s safety.

Aggressive driving, risk taking behavior or not caring about how his/her actions affect you may make your relationship fertile territory for sociopathic behavior.

7. Failure to honor personal or financial obligations.

Someone who fails/refuses to pick up his/her children from school, pay his/her bills, or routinely breaks promises may show that same disregard in a romantic relationship.

8. A general lack of compassion, empathy, or remorse about wrong doing can also be considered a symptom of sociopathy.

If you are in a relationship where a person demonstrates four or more of the above items mentioned above, then you should consider whether or not your relationship will be healthy enough for you to survive in.



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