Oh boy!

The celebrity nude photo leak from the recent massive phone hack has expanded to include none other than Jilly From Philly. Yes, Jill Scott.

Two nude snaps, allegedly of Scott, began making the rounds on Twitter Wednesday night, and the 42-year-old Grammy winner is trying to get out in front of the problem by setting the record straight on the authenticity of the images.

For the record, Scott says both pics aren’t the real deal. Only one is.

The singer took to Twitter to express her concern about the photo being leaked.

The Philadelphia native became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter after the photos leaked. Still, despite the invasion of privacy, some praised the nude flicks and defended the Philadelphia native against negative tweets about her figure.

As has been reported, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton are among the hacking victims who verified the authenticity of their photos. A spokesperson for Lawrence called her nude photo leak a “flagrant violation of privacy.”

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

6 thoughts on “Jill Scott Caught Up in Nude Phone Hack

  1. seriously on said:

    Jill, Jill what is the point of taking nude selfies and at 42 years old…you are a little to old for that…this is stupid teenager mess.

    • Vanity has no age limit. We’ve all heard people say their bodies look better than it did when they were younger after a significant weight loss. It’s easy to have a great body in your 20’s because our metabolisms are high but as we age there is a lot more work to maintaining a great body. Jill lost a lot of weight and that’s probably when she decided to capture it with a few photos. She had no reason to believe that those photos would be pulled out of the cloud and shared with the general public. Unfortunately as long as there are hackers out there willing to boast and share the information they obtain from their illegal activities, we have no privacy.

      • seriously on said:

        That is just it…cellphones, computer, laptops etc.. can be hacked…So it is just smart not to put anything on their you do not want the world to see. Doesn’t matter the right or wrong of it, because once it is out there cannot be undone.

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