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08/19/14 –

Dear Tom,

I’m nominating my father Michael Battles for real father’s real men because this father’s day 6-15-14 was the worse father’s day for him. At 3:00 am, he received a phone call from me with the devastating news that my oldest child; his oldest grandson, had been shot and he had passed away.

At the time, I was in Gulfport, Miss. When this occurred.  My father rushed to the hospital only to find out that my son had not passed away yet.  I did not get home until the next day; my father was there and had to witness his grandson pass away.

Tom, since that day, my father has been my backbone; without him i don’t know what i would have done.  I have been staying at my father’s house since this tragic accident and he has been the best.  That’s why i would like to give him a belated father’s day gift.  All he received that day was a somber happy father’s day.

My father has been a professional painter for the last 23 years. He will be retiring next year but still doing odd jobs on the side.  I would like to upgrade his equipment for his own business. My father is a very generous man. He helps my sisters and i tremendously.    So if you could find it in your heart to let me create the father’s day again for my father i would truly appreciate it.