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The death of Mike Brown and the outrage and turmoil in Ferguson, MO has triggered a slew of reaction from everyone on social media.

And reality star Draya Michele is no different as she took to Instagram to air out her feelings regarding the tragedy.

Maybe she shouldn’t have bothered.

The following are Draya’s comments on the Mike Brown situation:

“To keep seeing things escalate makes me upset…I don’t know what I can do with my voice other than make other people aware… I wish #MichaelBrown was alive to tell his side of the story, somehow we never get to hear the other side when things like this happen. I don’t think it’s a race thing, I think the police training is outdated, I don’t know maybe the sensitivity has risen due to 9/11 but I really think it’s time for new procedures based on all these accidental killings. #PrayforFerguson.”

Needless to say, Draya got a lot of backlash from what she posted. Which is why she went on Twitter to smooth things over

“And yeah I was just saying, we can’t fix the race issues… But we can train the people to protect and serve us better procedures,” the reality TV star tweeted. “Poor choice of words saying accidental :: I meant homicides that just shouldn’t have happened . I apologize. Sincerely,” Draya said while addressing the haters and the dust up over her Instagram post. “You use voices for whatever you want on your own page… Talking @ me, isn’t going to do much.

“I don’t know how that came off ignorant … But ok… Screaming out racism isn’t going to change what’s inside these people’s head,” she continued.

OK, there you have it straight from Draya Michelle. What say ye? Sound off below.

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19 thoughts on “Say What?! Draya Michele Calls Michael Brown’s Death An ‘Accidental Killing’

  1. Christoffer Andersson on said:

    I wonder if having a website called “blackamerica…” is a good thing. I am a Swede living in Sweden, but if for example I was living in a country who have had a bad history of race issues blacks against whites, then I am doubtfull that it would be for the best if I would have a site called, “white(and use a nations name)” What I think, is that it has the potential to cause or to maintain a “we v.s. them” Black v.s. White” among people. Not trying to be rude.

    Greetings from a human being residing in Europe

  2. Sharon Jones on said:

    She is just misinformed people. All of the necessary information haven’t been released, yet. Further, her opinion is just that (hers). Education, is key.

  3. Bobbie on said:

    Draya you are the lowest of the low and you need to keep your damn mouth shut! You are not black you are a want to be black! Keep your fucking oppenions to your self! Trouble travels with a mouth like yours!

  4. Reasons why celebrities aren’t allowed to publicly comment on situations as such…. That being said, she is a nobody and its clear her PR tried helping her clean it up & she failed horribly.. This is a time to educate and take action. Shes only further showing the world that she has no substance other than being a reality tv star and to sell pretty basic swimwear & crop tops.

  5. The effects of progression toward a “color blind” society. Our African-American young adults have grown up in a bubble not having to consciously engage the reality that racism is real, it exist, and it is active. Being popular does not remove one from the responsibility of truth. Learn some history or even just the last five years of current events.

  6. OMG!!! Who in the hell is this chick?? When you have to put forth extra effort to sound intelligent, It might be time to go back to school. Stop investing in your body, and do something about that empty ass head that you have. Money does not make you smart.

  7. straightnochaser on said:

    She’s about as bright as a burned out light bulb in a blackout. Considering that Ferguson’s so-called police department won’t release anything about how this tragedy happened, this clueless, talentless, knucklehead, along with the rest of us, don’t know what happened, so how the hell does she claim it was an accidental shooting and have the nerve to say she doesn’t know how her statement came off as ignorant? If she thinks her statement was smart, I’d sure hate to see what dumb is!

  8. seriously on said:

    Draya, who stated this is not a racist thing is entitled to her opinion and people who do not like her ignorant rant is entitled to theirs, in fact Draya should be boycotted, do not look at her reality show, buy her music, not tweet anything to her. Why do black folks support such people who would shit on you the first and every chance they get, yet it is black folks who made them their riches. So, let’s see what Draya would do or how far she would go without black America support and money. I am sure the others are her biggest fans.

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