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FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Police in Ferguson have revealed the name of the six-year veteran accused of fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager in the St. Louis suburb.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Friday the officer’s name is Darren Wilson.

Jackson said earlier this week he wasn’t naming the officer due to death threats.

Police have said 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot Saturday after an officer encountered him and another man on the street. They say one of the men pushed the officer into his car, then physically assaulted him and struggled with the officer over the officer’s weapon. At least one shot was fired inside the car. The struggle then spilled onto the street, where Brown was shot multiple times.

Witnesses say the officer fired on Brown as he ran away.

Folks Jailed While Zimmerman Walks Free
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8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Cop Who Fatally Shot Teen Michael Brown Identified [READ]

  1. carmen on said:

    Thoughts and Prayers goes out to Micheal Brown’s parents. I hope and pray that justice will be served on his behalf. Clearly that was excessive force/police brutality.

  2. carmen on said:

    Mr. Crump, Kansas City has a black mayor, black police chief, serveral black city council members, more than three black police officers, several black retired police officers, our first black mayor was Emanual Clever whom we voted to be our 5th District US Congressman. Kansas City out populates Ferguson, Kansas City is quite racially diverse. Like most mid to large city’s Kansas City has it’s issues but I must say we show up at the polls/we Vote. So like President Obama said “don’t boo Vote”. Therefore don’t lecture Kansas City by telling us what happened in Ferguson could happen here. Focus on what you were hired to do there in Ferguson.

  3. carmen on said:

    Is Benjamin Crump an opportunist. The Citizens of Kansas City don’t need a lecture from you about lessons learned. Kansas City’s population, diversity and community policing outnumbers Ferguson by a landslide. We don’t need lectures from you about how to run our City. Thankfully we’re doing ok, not perfect but ok. Do your research about Kansas City’s diversity and Voting record sir, before you start lecturing us west of the Mississippi/I-70 West/Kansas City.

  4. Tyrone Kineard on said:

    Another one again ,I think as a people we should be tried of this continued and repeat behavior.I also believe that some type of violence must be forced into peace.

    • Tyrone Kineard on said:

      God bless the family and friends of the deceased.I realize this is troubling time
      I pray for your strength and understand

  5. Vonya ( FL/CT) on said:

    Where is Al Sharpton? Let’s not forget Atty Crump handled Trayvon’s case, and Zimmerman is a free man! Give Phaedra Parks a chance she can’t do no worse! She got sons, she will FIGHT!!!! She did get Bobby Brown off ! Michael Brown family needs answers and Justice for their son ! Rip Young Brotha.

  6. One of the witness did say there was a struggle at the police car. BUT regardless, once a person puts their hands up and is unarmed…the right thing to do is arrest him…not shoot him to death.

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