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For new and seasoned naturalistas alike, the two-strand twist out is a popular style to rock. But, anyone who has ever worn this style will probably tell you there are definitely times when the twist out doesn’t turn out quite how it’s supposed to. For cute coils, try these tips for your best twist out yet!

1. Damp hair

As simple as it may seem to just do your twist out on already dry hair, this is a set up for failure as far as longevity is concerned. Try twisting your hair on damp hair. This not only will give you the most optimal definition, it locks the style in longer. Avoid manipulating your hair when it is completely wet, as this is when your hair is most prone to damage.

2. Use the right product

Utilizing both a gel and a butter (e.g., shea butter) will give you a very pretty and defined twist out, and will help hold the style longer. You get the best of both worlds (moisture and hold) with this combo.

3. Pay attention to the ends 

Instead of trying to twist all the way to the ends, try coiling your ends around your fingers or a rod. This prevents a frizzy mess on the ends of your hair, making your twist out a more sleek and fresh look.

4. Small=longer 

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