I’m trying to understand why Michael Brown is lying dead from a police officer’s bullet instead of packing his bags and heading to college.

Brown, 18, was killed last Saturday in what could be called the war against young Black men – the escalating confrontations between police and African American males, a fierce war that is often played out on our nation’s streets, a block-by-block battle that America refuses to accept and won’t own even when some of the crimes are caught on video.

As a journalist, I am patiently waiting for the facts in the tragic case of Michael Brown to emerge, but as a Black man in America, I find myself angered once again because another young unarmed black man is gunned down senselessly after an altercation with a police officer.

Brown was shot multiple times by a Ferguson, Missouri, policeman outside an apartment complex in Ferguson, Missouri, a predominantly Black suburb of St. Louis. Just two days before the shooting, Brown, who friends describe as a “gentle giant,” was ready to attend Vatterott College and plan for the future.

But now, there are more questions than answers: How did the altercation between Brown and the police officer begin? Could Brown’s death have been avoided? Why did the officer shoot Brown since was unarmed? And why couldn’t police subdue him without using excessive force?

Witnesses say Brown and a friend were walking in the street by and apartment complex when an officer in police car ordered them onto the sidewalk. A verbal exchange ensued, and Brown’s friend said they ran. A shot was fired and the friend says Brown was standing with his hands in the air when the officer continued to fire. St. Louis Alderman Antonio French told CNN that he heard Brown was killed “execution-style.”

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14 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Michael Brown Is The Latest Victim Of The War On Black Men

  1. I’m always so angry whenever I see hundreds of people mobilize to protest the shooting of a young black man by a cop, but treat the slaughter of dozens of young black men in any given city, on any given day, by other blacks as business as usual. If this amount of outrage (minus the looting) was displayed whenever a young child is slaughtered in the street, no matter the race of the victim or the perpetrator, we would see a change in the way society as a whole sees us. Not just white cops.

  2. demp109 on said:

    Great comments. We will not get any respect or support until we respect and support our own communities, and get control of black on black hatred. There should be a boys to men mentoring program in every major black city in America; at every church, in every school, Boys Club, YMCA, etc. I bugged our church until it happened. I hope you all do the same.

  3. word-up on said:

    I’m truly relieved to read so many comments on the right track. The truest problem in the inner city is out-of-control young men afflicted with the “shooting syndrome” of bullets into others, drugs into themselves, and semen into our girls.

  4. My heart goes all the way out for this young mans family. “If nothing changes nothing changes.” This is a state of emergency, these cops have no intentions on stopping unless they are going to be held fully accountable. FBI don’t drop the ball!

  5. Church Girl on said:

    I agree with timekeeper but there are more unarmed blacks dying at the hands of young black men than police officers. I live in Chicago and my kids can’t play in the park because of ignorant violent young black men, not the police. While police brutality has gotten out of control, black on black violence is on another level especially in Chicago. We’re waiting for the nation to get enraged about that but nobody seems to care unless the killer is white. Joy2, the ministers are out there but they can’t do it alone. Where are the parents who used to bring their young people to church and get them involved in the community? Most of them are grandparents now. Parents aren’t raising their kids like in the old days. Parents under 45 are nothing like parents over 45 today. That’s who you need to call out. Young parents are the ones with their teens/young adults out of control but when are we going to address them? They have a role/responsibility in this as well.

    • Church Girl: Your points are definitely well taken. You are correct in that the ministers can’t do it alone. All of us should be held accountable including ministers, police, (so-called) community leaders, and PARENTS. My bigger point is that ministers, and leaders should come together nationally, and figure out what can be done, i.e., job training, mentors, parenting classes, etc. It won’t be an easy feat….but we need to start somewhere. Realistically these parents need to be trained to be parents (I know that sounds crazy but it’s true). And that can’t be done over night. Keep the faith my sister….keep the faith

  6. Timekeeper on said:

    Everyone agrees that black on black violence is a tragedy , as well at times even an epidemic. Local citizens, clergy and interested activist groups in New Orleans, Detroit, Camden, Chicago and anywhere else for that matter have railed against this violence and have attempted many intervention methods in an attempt to squash this violence. I am certain we will continue to do so. This latest drive by shooting was and isTotally incorridgible and despicable. When they get caught ( and they will) I believe they will get the harshest sentence allowed. But, don’t get these facts twisted with the police. They are supposed to protect and serve” We do pay their taxes. The senseless act of a drive by killer doesn’t mean it’s okay for the police. There is a difference, lets not forget that. They are supposed to be professionals. So while I deplore the black on black crime, equating this to police action is a Huge mistake and also disengenupois as well. It’s called propaganda. Convenient for some but not on equal terms.
    As we continue to fight corruption and youth violence in our inner cities, this should not be a license for unfair [police violence, regardless of your political opinion or perspective. Just as I hope those drive by killers are found and arrested, I also hope that if the truth comes out about the police acting irresponsibly, that, they too, are held accountable.

    • Time: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your intelligent/timely comments. I hope people take time to read, and absorb what you had to say. You said it all in a nutshell !!

  7. LookIntoTheEyesOfTruth on said:

    Reading the statistics from New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, etc…., I agree there is a war on black men and boys,.. BUT who is the enemy??

  8. Soulman johson on said:

    If we are going to march every time a White kill a Black we have to get something to do when a Black kill a Black.
    It can’t be to drawn out and it can;’t take to long because it look like a all day job to keep up with the ones coming out of Chicago.
    Maybe a good thing to do so we could keep up just tip the hat as they go by and hope the arm don’t cramp up.

    • Soulman: Black on Black crime is definitely out of control. Where’s Jessie….Where’s Al, and where’s the 10,000 BLACK MINISTERS that stand in pulpits every Sunday preaching the same sermons they’ve preached for DECADES……..INSTEAD OF BEING OUT ON THE STREETS WHERE THERE HELP IS REALLY NEEDED!!!!

  9. “New Orleans police were investigating a drive-by shooting Monday that killed a man and an 18-year-old woman and wounded five other people, three of them children”

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