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Sherri Shepherd may or may not be a mom for the 2nd time.

What was supposed to be the happy culmination of a long fertility battle may be the source of fresh limbo for the outgoing co-host of “The View,” following reports that her surrogate has given birth.

According to TMZ, it’s a boy – born Tuesday in Pennsylvania. But Shepherd has disavowed maternity, claiming her estranged husband Lamar Sally defrauded her when she signed the surrogate documents. She believes his intent all along was to divorce her and then go for child support. Lamar intends to raise the child himself but he will still ask a judge to order Sherri to pay support.

According to TMZ, Sherri was not present during the birth, but Lamar was there. Sources close to him say he is excited to be a new dad and for the future ahead.

The baby news comes hours after Shepherd announced on “The View” that she will join KeKe Palmer on Broadway as the evil stepmom in “Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella,” opening Sept. 9 at the Broadway Theatre.

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16 thoughts on “Sherri Shepherd’s Surrogate Gives Birth to a Boy

  1. why is everyone on his case she signed the papers and wanted the baby also you always pay the medical expenses for the person carrying the baby standard procedure sherri should quit whinning like a baby and stand up to her agreement if a man did that you would be all over his case what fraud did he do

  2. seriously on said:

    BTW, And historically so…These men out here making babies have a choice to cover their own asses…condoms, snip-snip etc….If you are expecting someone to do right by you and not cover your own ass…Then you are stupid

  3. seriously on said:

    Don’t back down Sherri….Let that moocher support his own child. You can always get another surrogate and/or adopt your own child. Without someone low life holding it for ransom and a bigger payday…Just a life lesson, keep your head up!

    • Magnus on said:

      HAHAHAHAHAAHA “Without someone low life holding it for ransom and a bigger payday” you realize women have been doing this far more than men and on a much larger scale for decades right? So funny watching two faces stupid bimbos back each other up over stupid biased bs. Just illustrates how ignorant women are and truly how inferior they are. Hypocrites are pathetic souls.

      • that doesn’t make it right. just because your friends got sucked into it doesn’t mean sherri has to succumb to this scumbag’s plot.

      • So magnus, you are saying your mom is ignorant and truly inferior, that is what you are saying right?

      • seriously on said:

        If women was so inferior and stupid as you say…then why so many superior thinking men have succumb to dumb ass women plot and schemes…”on a much larger scale for decades”, you words not mines. So which one is exactly the dumbass? BTW, just because your momma turned tricks and had you the trick baby…Your mammy does not speak for all women…Nor arer all men stupid…definitely not stupid enough to claim a trick baby like yourself…Get over it…No one has to know that you are the offspring to rent money. Take it up with your mammy, and your mammy only.

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