Welp! For all of those who were looking for that check that was supposed to be in the mail or the papers they were supposed to sign and didn’t get them…maybe this is why!

According to DDW, A postal worker in Alabama decided he didn’t want to finish delivering the mail on his route earlier this week so instead of taking it back to the post office he chucked it over a cliff and called it a day!  The incident occurred on 17th Avenue South on Birmingham’s South Side which is said to be a very hilly area overlooking Birmingham’s skyline.

Blank…stares…all around! We can’t help but wonder what that mail consisted of and who was steady waiting by the mailbox for it to arrive! There has been no word on the identity of the worker in question. However, it was reported that the guy resigned from his position after the incident.

Wow! Make sure you’re nice to your letter carriers y’all….then maybe if this is what they decide to do…they will bring you your mail before ditching the stuff that belongs to everyone else! Yikes!





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