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Wondering what’s hot for summer?

We’ve got you covered!

If you’re into trying a hot new hue for the warmer temperatures or opting for a summer accessory to amp up the cool, look no further!

Take a look at the summer’s hottest trends for both men and women!

The Trend: Coral Lips

How To Wear It: It made its debut as a summer 2014 trend on the runways last year and it looks like the beauty experts got it right! Bright orange lips are perfect for summer, but if the neon hue is a bit too extreme or not practical for your job, try a lighter, creamier finish (a gloss or lipstick). This way the color still shows but it’s not as dramatic.

The Trend: Summer Suit

How To Wear It: We know what you’re thinking, a suit in the summer? Yes. We know it’s hot and depending on what part of the country you live in will determine just how high those temperatures can get. But if you follow this trend correctly, there is a chance you won’t sweat as much. Start with a light-weight material. The key is a breathable fabric that won’t feel heavy against your skin. Want to make it a bit more casual? Try a thin, V-neck tee instead of a buttoned dress shirt. A pair of loafers or fly kicks will bring just the right amount of cool to your look.

The Trend: Embellished Details

How To Wear It: The term ‘it’s all in the details’ isn’t limited to just home décor and design. The trend is easily adaptable in your attire as well. Everything from fringe to studs and barely there shimmer, embellishments make it super easy to put a spin on day-to night dressing.

The Trend: Prints

How To Wear It: Rocking prints can be uncharted territory for some men — and we get it. But there are no rules in fashion. Spice up your regular tee or dress shirt with a few prints. Anything from plaid to polka dots or if you’re really brave, animal print! Just be sure to opt for a solid bottom, as not to clash…or look like you got dressed with the lights off.

The Trend: The Crop Top

How To Wear It: Warmer weather calls for lighter threads and bare skin. While we’re not encouraging full on nudity, a hint of exposed skin is the perfect way to be cool, yet comfortably cute. The crop top is the perfect combination of both. Stop right underneath your bra or bring it down just above the belly button – either way you’re sure to be on trend!

The Trend: Summer Accessories

How To Wear It: The key to a great outfit is accessories. And yes men can accessorize their look. While you probably won’t load on a tons of bracelets and layer necklaces, there are ways to spice up your digs. Try rocking a Fedora with a graphic tee or even a dress shirt and pants combo. Wearing black frames (or any color for that matter) have also become a popular alternative for the fellas. Who said geek-chic was just for the ladies anyway? If you’re a jewelry type guy, don’t forget to add a nice time piece. Nothing to gaudy of course. Let it be simple enough to compliment your look, but bold enough to be complimented.

For our guide on the newest trends, click through the gallery to catch more of your favorite celebrities embracing summer’s coolest styles!

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