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Michael Ealy speaks on his new movie Fatale that's in theaters now!

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Comedian Gary Owen participated in an episode of “Wife Swap” with actor Michael Ealy, and let’s say, hazel-eyed Ealy might have stolen the attention of Owen’s forever bride. Owen posted a photo to Instagram hilariously capturing the moment Ealy stole the attention of Gary’s wife, Kenya. In the flick, Kenya can be seen cuddling up to Ealy’s […]

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Michael Ealy has opened up about his “cold” encounter with Chris Rock when the two met for the first time years ago when the actor was just starting out in the business. Rock and Ealy worked together on the 2002 film “Bad Company,” and the comic had some not so savory words for the budding actor, which Ealy […]

The movie Oleebo will review today is ‘The Intruder,’ staring Megan Good and Michael Ealy. In the movie a newly married couple believes they have found their dream home and things are going great until the creepy seller keeps hanging around. Oleebo wasn’t very impressed with the house and says you can find it anywhere! […]

What happens when the American dream turns into more of a nightmare? The Intruder staring Michael Ealy and Megan Good is exactly that. When a young married couple (Michael Ealy and Meagan Good) buys their dream house, they think they have found the perfect place to start a family. But when the strangely attached seller […]

Michael Ealy stars in a new film called Intruder and this time, he’s not the crazy guy! Russ Parr might be more excited than Ealy about the fact that he won’t be hiding under any beds or popping out of closets in this movie. In the film his character, Scott and his wife Annie (Megan […]

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Before watching the trailer, I thought, “Ugh. Do we really need another movie about someone breaking into someone’s house?” But then I watched the trailer and the answer is, yes, we do. The film centers around a young married couple [Michael Ealy and Meagan Good] who buy what seems like the perfect home together. Until […]

It’s National No Beard Day! We are celebrating Black celebrities with and without beards. Enjoy!