The study shows those cast out from their homes most are disproportionately women from Black and Hispanic neighborhoods.

The reasons for this, according to the study, can be anything from lower wages, living paycheck to paycheck, and female-headed households.

Additionally, because women struggling to stay afloat don’t want to bring a landlord’s attention to themselves (or the significant other who may live with them, yet is not officially on the lease), they often underreport unsafe or unsanitary living conditions in older housing structures or don’t report problems that may even pose health code violations.

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3 thoughts on “Study Says That Black Men Are Locked Up While Black Women Are Locked Out

  1. I think a big part of the problem is that (not all) but a lot of Black males aren’t willing to get married. LISTEN UP FOLKS……TWO PEOPLE CAN DO BETTER THAN ONE!! Even a lot of celebs, athletes, etc. that have financial means aren’t willing to get married. It’s called ‘being selfish.’

  2. Aaron on said:

    I am happy this report came out hopefully now Black people will stop being so concerned with reality tv and rap and wake up. For many years the media has only focused on Black men in prison but ignored the devastating effects it has on the women and children they leave behind. We as a race must stop imitating the garbage displayed on tv and begin to make conscious decisions about how to prepare better lives for ourselves and our children.

    • Aaron the thing is that unfortunately the people that (really) need to read this article, and take heed aren’t going to read this article/report, or any other report. A lot of people aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in the world (unless it’s reality TV).

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