As a confirmation to what many already know:  a recent study reveals that life for Black folks is indeed a B*tch (capital “B” intended).

The study, orchestrated by the MacArthur Foundation entitled,“How Housing Matters,”  states that, in one U.S. city where they followed 11 families, 16 households headed by women are evicted every day. In many cases, it is one missed paycheck that can make a difference in having a roof over your head or not; because it often opens the door to a downward spiral, causing a cataclysmic effect on the fundamental aspects of your livelihood or living.

The study reveals there are a lot of folk spending as much as 50% of their salary on rent – some, according to the study, as much as 80%.

The study, done in Milwaukee, reveals that while Black men face alarmingly high incarceration rates, Black women are disproportionately evicted from their homes. Every day, 16,000 adults and children are evicted from approximately 6,000 housing units, the equivalent of 16 households per day.

These statistics only account for court-ordered evictions; not  coercive tactics like paying unwanted tenants to vacate, housing condemnations, or landlord foreclosures.

The brief was based on a recent study in Wisconsin, which followed 11 families through a string of evictions, analyzed 29,960 eviction records in Milwaukee County between 2003 and 2007 and conducted 251 on-site surveys at Milwaukee’s eviction court in January and February 2011. It offers a comprehensive analysis of how eviction sets in motion a chain reaction that exacerbates the decline of already struggling, poor families.

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3 thoughts on “Study Says That Black Men Are Locked Up While Black Women Are Locked Out

  1. I think a big part of the problem is that (not all) but a lot of Black males aren’t willing to get married. LISTEN UP FOLKS……TWO PEOPLE CAN DO BETTER THAN ONE!! Even a lot of celebs, athletes, etc. that have financial means aren’t willing to get married. It’s called ‘being selfish.’

  2. Aaron on said:

    I am happy this report came out hopefully now Black people will stop being so concerned with reality tv and rap and wake up. For many years the media has only focused on Black men in prison but ignored the devastating effects it has on the women and children they leave behind. We as a race must stop imitating the garbage displayed on tv and begin to make conscious decisions about how to prepare better lives for ourselves and our children.

    • Aaron the thing is that unfortunately the people that (really) need to read this article, and take heed aren’t going to read this article/report, or any other report. A lot of people aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in the world (unless it’s reality TV).

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