Jaden Newman isn’t your average basketball player. At the unbelievably young age of nine, she plays on her school’s varsity team and she’s already the recruiting target of a major collegiate program.

This month, the talented fourth grader received an official recruiting letter from the University of Miami’s girls basketball team. While most kids her age are planning for summer camp, she spent last week touring the university’s campus and talking to the assistant coach. According to reports, this makes Jaden one of the youngest female players ever to get recruited by a Division I program.

“It did surprise me a little bit,” Jaden’s father and coach, Jamie Newman, told TODAY.com. “When I first got the call [from Miami assistant coach Derrick Gibbs], I thought it was for my son. I understand why, though, because she has an amazing skill set at 9 years old, and her potential is through the roof.”

“She’s so level-headed,” he added. “She’s on the right path with colleges already looking at her…Kids like to play Xbox and Playstation, or be on Instagram and Twitter, but she wants to play basketball, and that will always be with her. She’s gifted with that passion and drive that she has.”

The future WNBA star, who averaged 14.5 points and 7.5 assists per game this past season, currently plays at Downey Christian School, a 300-student private school in Orlando.

Keep up the great work, Jaden!

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