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06/17/14 –

Dear Tom:

I am writing you to nominate my sons father, Brandon more.  He is most definitely a real father and a real man. He works full time and is a great father to his son.  Not only that, he has custody of his 9 year old daughter that he’s also been a great father to her since day one.

He also attends school to get his degree as a network administrator. He works effortlessly to provide for his family at all times.

When i got news I had Cancer last year he became more than a real father.  By sticking by my side and caring for not only me, but his two kids, he showed he was a real father and a real man. It’s amazing how great of a man he is and he’s only 29 years old.

Lately he’s been stressed because he just recently got a house for me and his kids where he takes care of all the bills. He doesn’t say it much, but i can see the stress all over his face because after work and school, he comes in and is just tired.

I want to show him my appreciation and for once show him that his job is recognized everyday even though we don’t say it a lot. He loves video games and already has an Xbox, but I want to give him a game entertainment system so he can watch TV or play his game with excellent surround sound.