Rumors about Jay Z‘s infidelity are continuing to build so much we might actually believe it. Gary With Da Tea reports Beyonce knows about his cheating ways, but is deciding to stay with him anyway. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear why Beyonce will never leave Jay Z despite what he does!

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39 thoughts on “Why Beyonce Won’t Leave Jay Z [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. All you mentally dead ass coons need to learn how to love you own people first,and stop always hating on one another! The white man has always been about destroying the black family,and will continue to do so. Second they would love to see them break up, by spreading rumours

    It is truly not hard to see why people around the world hate the mess out of us!
    WAKE THE Fup Black people!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hjames on said:

      They got a tour to do and alot of money to make so of course she isnt going to leave him now! Its all politics, thats if the cheating is true because I dont just buy anything the media says but they are more powerful togethe then apart so they wont break up. Here is a Jay Z quote “Me give my heart to a woman, not for nothing, never happen, I be forever mackin!” if he is cheating he is just being real to his own words!

  2. Sydney on said:

    It’s amazing how there is such negativity when it comes to people, least of all celebrities. When is a line drawn in the sand as to what a person will say about another? If you don’t like them, why bother. Are we so blinded by the lives of others that we can’t see our on lives in disarray? Why all the strong dislike for someone you don’t know and most likely never will? Regardless of what their marriage is about, it’s theirs. If you take all of the negative talk about Beyonce, Jay-Z, etc….. and put it to good use, we could probably cure hunger, provide water to third world countries, no child would be left in the cold, etc…. Yet we decide to negatively talk about someone while they live in their mansions, ride their jets, yachts, etc…… My suggestion would be is to search your heart to see where this darkness is coming from. Do we feel better by putting others down? I doubt it!!! Very seriously.

    • Queen Angela on said:

      Sydney, well said, and so so so true! Thank you for your honesty, hopefully others are able to see the beauty behind your words and assist others in life who are in much more need of a helping hand!

  3. Idaknow on said:

    Does anyone, anyone at all (anyone??) have PROOF for all or any of the claims being made? If ya do, show it now, if not, sit down and shut up. Oh, and I don’t care what either of them do. I’m not married to them, how is it my business. Or yours?

  4. T.M. on said:

    Since day one, the relationship between these two was nothing more than a business contract. She lives in Florida and he lives in NY. They live separate lives except when they need to be togther for publicity purposes. That’s why she couldn’t care less who he is with and visa versa.

  5. Jefff C on said:

    Interesting but not really. She has it made in so many ways so why leave. And I laugh for there is an uproar about gay marriage especially in the black community and yet you have people like Jay Z and Beyonce making a mockery of marriage and the institution of it.. But then the heterosexual community has really blown marriage apart especially in the black community. A sad reality we live in.

  6. dotcom on said:

    Beyonce loves that skin lightening treatment and she should think about changing hair color. It’s been like 15 years with the blonde color. Hm? Skin lightening and blonde hair, someone wants to be white.

    • holly7 on said:

      No one cares anymore about Beyonce, Jay Z, Kim and Kanye, etc. These people all know that they suck. So why should we care????

  7. Patricia C. on said:

    Why do people keep saying it’s about his money, hell she ballin also stop letting rumors rule your life! All this supposed cheating rumors all of a sudden after the elevator situation, people get your fuckin life please!

  8. Daphne – correct your grammar!! It is “further”…NOT “farther”..duh! has nothing to do with love and everything to do with $$$$$

    • thank you VJW…that grammar is killing me! It makes me want to puke. And Daphne, what the **ll are you talking about w/ Ronald and Nancy Reagan? Please enlighten us, with your brilliance.

  9. Muffy on said:

    Rumors. I don’t take tabloid rumors as facts. Also if someone stays with a cheating mate that’s their business. What people do in their marriage is their business.

  10. on said:

    Jay z is just a stupid singer with lots of money and a needy dick so he has to cheat and Beyonce has to hold her anger to get all she wants.

  11. I hope she bangs LL cool J, or usher.. or nelly.. or even Vanilla Ice at this point.. Anyone is better at this point than that ugly camel face Jay-z. Hell even Flavor Flav is better looking!

    • Flava Flav….now you went too darn far….ain’t nobody that could love that man unless he is “bathed, sprayed, & sees a real dentist…..FF is beyond a hot mess, dude darn melted down!!!

  12. daphne on said:

    She won’t leave him because their roots run deeper than you all can possibly imagine or fathom. They relationship goes waaay beyond love. Farther than sense of duty. Its a Nancy and Ron Reagan love that nobody will ever understand.

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