Kevin Jordan had been with the Griffin Police Department in Atlanta, Georgia for four years before he was fatally shot by an intoxicated suspect at Waffle House this weekend.

Today his fellow officers are mourning his loss.

Jordan, 43 , was assisting three intoxicated people that he had asked leave the restaurant outside during the wee hours of Saturday morning. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, that’s when an altercation at the Waffle House began.

Instead of leaving peacefully, the three allegedly began hurling racial slurs at the retired Marine.

An argument escalated and when Jordan attempted to restrain and arrest the 28-year-old woman, Chantell Mixon, while she was on the ground, he was “maliciously shot” five times in the back by 30-year-old, Michael D. Bowman, killing him, according to a police statement.

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(Photo Source: WSBTV)

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16 thoughts on “Police Officer, Father Of Seven Killed By Drunken Waffle House Patrons

  1. And yet, had he been the one to get the upper hand and shoot first, he would be suspended and in danger of losing his job. I am so sorry for his family.

  2. tanya on said:

    Why do we continue to allow perceived racism and bigotry to cloud our judgment and prevent us from a dialogue about a tragedy?

  3. Paris on said:

    According to the story I read online Officer Jordan’s brother was waiting for him near by and ended up shooting the man who killed his brother. Officer Jordan’s brother had a permit to carry a gun. The killer was taken to a local hospital and the other two were taken into custody.

  4. jhuf on said:

    Mr Bowman will have a long time to reflect on how his acohol fueled stuipidity has distroyed his life as well as others

      • Take your pick, you ignorant degenerate! You can include, homelessness, discrimation, poor job opportunities, poverty, racism, unfair legal system…

      • I said it. on said:

        None of its right. We are just tired of bigots coming on when it’s something some by African Americans and contributing to some racial b.s. and the trying to whitewash it when the show is on the other foot.

      • jhuf on said:

        The Duke seems to be speaking from life experience and you’ve gathered a sh!t load of excuses to deal with your short comings

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