LOS ANGELES (AP) — AP Source: Donald Sterling surrendering control of Clippers to wife Rochelle “Shelly” Stein and she is moving forward with selling the team.

A person with knowledge of the negotiations told The Associated Press Friday that the couple made the agreement after weeks of discussion. The individual wasn’t authorized to speak publicly about the agreement.

Shelly Sterling is working to resolve the dispute amicably but wants to “have meaningful control” over the transaction.

Commissioner Adam Silver banned Donald Sterling for life and fined him $2.5 million because of racist comments. The league has charged him with damaging the league and its teams.

Team owners are moving forward with a vote on whether to terminate his ownership. Sterling has until May 27 to respond.

(Photo: AP)

7 thoughts on “Donald Sterling Surrendering Clippers Control; Wife Will Sell Team

  1. ummm
    This is their “next move”. She’d be stupid not to sell. If investors and sponsor’s keep leaving, there will be no value left of that team. Now is the time for her to collect what she can and run!!

  2. He would be stupid to sell! I don’t know why everyone is up in arms about his comments (he thought was private). His expressions are verbalized daily behind closed doors by a lot of people (white, black, Hispanics, Asians and etc). It sounds like the person that squealed on him has an agenda of some sort. Now that they have him in the hot-seat we need to sit back, wait, and watch to see their next move. So what he don’t like black folks! There’s a few black folks that don’t like white folks in the NBA! LOL’s. The blacks on his team just need to be a little smarter and make him pay for his comments. LOL’s.

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