On the heels of his recent indictment, former NFL star Aaron Hernandez is facing even more trouble.

Reports are saying that his tattoos will now be under investigation as well as the tattoo artist that put them there.

According to TMZ:

The Suffolk County D.A. issued a statement saying they are “seeking assistance” from anyone who put the needle to Aaron’s RIGHT FOREARM in the aftermath of the 2012 drive-by shooting that killed Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.

Officials say they want information on “specific tattoos” they believe Hernandez got between February 2012 and June 2013 — and it seems they believe AH got the tats to memorialize his role in the shooting.

Investigators are stressing that the tat artists are NOT accused of any wrongdoing … they just want to see if they know anything.

We pulled up some photos of Aaron’s arm from before and after the time period mentioned by cops — and noticed one major difference … stars.

It appears Aaron had at least 3 stars added to a design on his outside forearm. Though it’s unclear if those are the tats at the center of the investigation.

What else is Aaron hiding? Seems like there’s something always coming up in his case.

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(Photo Souce: PR Photos)

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