In order to know Solange Knowles, Sherri Shepherd or Michael Jace, you would have to be either fans of a certain type music, daytime TV or nighttime cable drama.

But thanks to personal family situations gone wrong they all three have probably reached the height of their fame, and I don’t think any of us would trade places with them.

Last week Solange’s physical attack of brother-in-law Jay-Z took fans of the super private Carter family to a place they never thought they’d be.

From the production of Blue Ivy to Beyonce’s latest album…Beyonce and Jay Z unabashedly answer to no one and do everything they do their way on their terms.  And it all went to hell when Sister Solange came for Jay Z in a way that even the best PR experts could not spin in their favor.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta and other reality shows have primed us for watching these types of train wrecks, but Solange took it to the next level.  At least with reality shows, you can say they’ve signed off on having their lives documented at its best and worse.

But this was just raw, in-your-face, can’t wait until we get to the house or inside the limo mess.  If anything good comes from this fight, it’s that none of us will ever do so much as check our noses in the “privacy” of an elevator again.

Yikes! Shame on the security guard who sold the footage, shame on TMZ for not only buying it but for setting up a system for putting people’s private and personal business for sale, and shame on us for watching it over and over and over again.

Sherri Shepherd, a Black, female stand up comedian was up against the odd the moment she decided to pursue show business as a career.  I’m personal friends with professional comedians male and female and have seen the sacrifices they have to make firsthand.

The money isn’t good, the nights are long, the travel is brutal and it takes a massive toll on families. The idea is to work hard enough to get that sitcom deal, or movie deal or talk show deal…anything that would allow them to practice their craft and make enough money to give their families the kind of life they dreamed of giving them.

Sherri got all that. Now all that she’s worked for is coming into question because her ex-husband and father of her son Jeffrey and her current and soon to be ex-husband and father of her unborn child of a surrogate, Lamar Sally are attacking her, her character, her parenting skills, etc. at the same time.  Suddenly, it sucks to be Sherri.

Jeffrey’s dad says Sherri’s unfit because she works all the time and the 9-year-old boy can’t even tie his own shoes. He’s filed for a temporary emergency custody order and even though the judge found no cause for it, a hearing has been set. Guys I know are like, “if she’s working that hard then why shouldn’t Little Jeffrey be with his dad?” Screech!

Most women, including moms, have to work, and even if I didn’t have to, I would, I might add. Maybe Tarpley and Sally should go out and get the best jobs they can, work as hard as Sherri does and they’ll find out how much time it takes to attempt to balance work, parenting and a life of their own.

Dads who want to be part of their kid’s lives, are there for them and they don’t have to try to win primary custody of their children in order to make it happen.

On the other hand, if Sherri needs to re-think her nanny situation and make sure Little Jeffrey is getting all the nurturing he needs from loving people, including Big Jeffrey and maybe even Sally, depending on how important he has become to the boy, then give her the chance to do it.

The first two stories seemed pretty sad for those involved until the news of actor Michael Jace calling the police to tell them he had shot his wife of 10 years was announced.  According to reports, he stayed on the line with dispatchers until the LAPD arrived on the scene and found her dead. It’s a chilling, horrific, and unbelievably tragic story,  especially in light of the fact that their two young sons were present when it happened. (They are now with family members.)

Now the fact that Jay-Z stood there while Solange hit, kicked and spat on him without raising a finger seems even more noble, and Sherri Shepherd’s ex saying that she is an unfit mom  seems even more ridiculous.  Jeffrey missing a few bedtime stories because his mom is out making money doesn’t even compare to what these children have gone through.

Men and women, no matter how much you want custody of your children, when you throw around words like abuse and neglect when there’s no basis for it, you jam up the system and waste the time of social workers and judges who could be dealing with real problems that require immediate attention.

I don’t even have time to go into the fact that Jace had a history of violence toward women and how the wife he murdered protected him when his ex-wife testified about his abuse. marriage.

The cycle of domestic abuse linked to drugs, alcoholism and depression has to be stopped…but so does all the B.S., Jeffrey Tarpley. If you don’t have any real evidence of Sherri Shepherd physically or mentally abusing your son, sit your sorry ass down somewhere.

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17 thoughts on “Solange, Sherri, Michael Jace: A Tale of Three Families

  1. Robert on said:

    How can Tarpley teach his son anything when Sherri took their son all the way across the country? I’m sure Tarpley’s job does not allow him to fly coast to coast as he pleases.

  2. Diamondgrrl55 on said:

    Tmz is social network nd puts out celebs business that’s what they do! It’s there job an how they make money so yeah if someone has something juicy they gonna buy it nd yes they gonna pay that person. As for the security who sold it… Let’s see they working a job that’s prolly not payin much… They see familar faces in the elevator nd a fight… There thinkin they hit the jackpot! I’m not gonna judge there decision because I don’t know what I would have done. All I’m sayin is don’t get mad at tmz for doing there job nd making celeb fans happy. Everybody noisy nd if it were your neighbors fighting outside you gonna be noisy so don’t think ppl ain’t noisy when it comes to celebs. They are ppl like us an there more in the public eye. I’m not knocking tmz hussle or the security. Celebs know in order to not have your business out there don’t put it out there and watch what you do in public because you never know when someone is watching lol

    • I said it. on said:

      And, probably, their, and nosey. Are going to, not gonna. Are is a helping verb. Please look up its usage. Omg, wtf? Those red lines mean that the words are spelled incorrectly. We all make mistakes, but your entire post has the same issues. You are grown. It’s not cute. Please, do better.

      • Diamondgrrl55 on said:

        I’m sorry I didn’t know I was writing a essay. Your grown as well and commenting on the way I type is a little immature… Don’t you think? This is a social media site and you do not pay my bill and your not my parent. So please if you have a problem build a bridge and get over it. If it bothers you that damn much you should of stop reading the post. You do better and stop tryna start drama through the Internet lol it’s pitiful. Yes I said tryna! I type how I speak and I do know when and when not to use slang. I also know how to type a paper. I’m a college student. If you so smart shouldn’t you be at some desk or business job working right now? Have a seat and calm down it’s not that serious! I’m finna be done with you lol

      • I said it. on said:

        Practice makes perfect. I thought no one had told you, so I was trying to help. As far as paying your bills, you were using the language in a manner that made it appear that I do indeed pay them through taxes. You are in college and have a lot to learn. People will hire you based on appearance and speech along with you know.

        If someone calls you on something, chew the meat and spit out the bone, but don’t get defensive and throw the entire steak away.

        Now that I think about it, quit lying. Finals are over. All papers should have been written by now.

      • Diamondgrrl55 on said:

        I didn’t say I was in class at the moment. I am a college student and I work. So no you do not pay my bills. As a adult you should know there is a time and place for everything. Example… You drink at a bar or at home on your personal time. I know that in a professional enviroment you are suppose to speak correctly and at work business related emails are to be typed using correct grammar. Point is this is a social media site. No one is hiring me or grading me on this site. Btw never said I was writing a essay. I said I am not writing a essay so there for it does not matter if I say”gonna” or whatever word I choose to use. For you to correct my grammar, you surely can not comprehend well. Also there are plenty of smart ppl who get there bills paid by tax dollars and for you to judge me off my grammar on a damn social media site is plain ridiculous. Judging by the way you are coming at me seems like you are a think you know it all, who likes to aurgue and get attention with to much time on your hands.

      • I said it. on said:

        It’s too, but hey, you’re right. It’s social media. Let’s be idiots.

        News flash: Until you die, people will judge you.

      • Diamondgrrl55 on said:

        I am not going to go back and forth with you on something that has nothing to do with this article. You can judge me all you want but I know who I am and what I so. In a few mins I will forget about all this and you because you are a non factor in my life and I could care less what you think. So on that note… You are dismissed

      • I said it. on said:

        Some people are rebellious and can’t be taught. Either way Diamond, I have a career. I was just “tryna a help a sista out”. Girl bye.

      • I said it. on said:

        1. If you are in college it makes no sense to appear unintelligible. 2. People who haven’t stepped one foot in college, but have pride speak and spell better. 3. You learn homonyms, articles, and helping verbs in grade school. 4. You were sounding like someone whose bills I pay through taxes. 5. Finals are over. What paper would you be writing for college at this time. Even online classes wouldn’t require one at this time. Stop.

      • Diamondgrrl55 on said:

        I never stated that I am currently writing a paper. I said I am not writing a paper so there for I could use slang and don’t have to use perfect grammar and punctuation. Looks like someone can not comprehend but wants to complain like a 2 yr old about my grammar. Grow up please and stop letting little things bother you. This site is asking you to comment on the article not on the users grammar. So if you have nothing in response to my opinion about the article… Please move on with your life.

      • I said it. on said:

        Also, your and you’re aren’t the same.
        We have what’s called time zones, I could be retired, not have to work, or be self-employed. Your wanting to know why I’m not sitting at a desk is senseless.

  3. pac4me on said:

    How unfortunate that Sherri’s battle is in the public eye – But many women have gone through similar episodes of drama in their lives with men who contribute nothing to the upbringing of their children. If big Jeffery wants temporary custody – I saw let him see just what it takes to nurture a child who is has development challenges while he is trying to work – if his being unable to tie his shoes is the worst – Good Lord! help us all!!!

    • I said it. on said:

      Why is he acting like he doesn’t know that the child is developmentally delayed. He may never know how to tie his shoes…VELCRO!

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