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Tyson Beckford wasn’t shy about his feelings toward the fashion industry as he called out fashion’s blatant lack of diversity.

“Out of all the industries I find — me personally and I think that a lot of people will agree with me — that fashion is very racist,” Beckford shared with HuffPost Live. Although he admitted to male models catching problems when it comes to diversity in fashion, Beckford added that women have it worse.

“This past season during fashion week, you might go to a show and it’s all white girls. Not one Asian or Black or Latino girl was in it. It kind of makes that ethnic race of people feel like they’re not important or being catered to,” the 43-year-old fashion icon said. “There’s more diversity needed in it. But fashion is the most racist business out right now.”

Beckford’s views echo past comments from elite models of color such as Naomi Campbell, Iman, Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman, who have spoke out on fashion’s lack of diversity. The issue has motivated Beckford’s manager and renowned fashion activist, Bethann Hardison, to spearhead the need for change with the formation of the Diversity Coalition.

According to Beckford, key players within the fashion world — such as designers, stylists, modeling agencies, and bookers — are the ones that can make a difference to solve the problem by hiring more black models.

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4 thoughts on “Tyson Beckford: ‘The Most Racist Business Is The Fashion Industry’

  1. I believe if the black consumer, just stop buying the racists designers’ clothing and just boycott. Period. Just like in the 60’s civil rights movement. Blacks spend billions not millions, but billions in the fashion industry. Yet, cannot have beautiful black brothers and sisters represent on the runways and fashion industry? Start up a new business, make your own products, and tell these designers. Until you feature at least 10 or more models in your shows, we will not buy ANY of your products!

  2. Why do we always have to depend on them. Black Americans have always set the fashion trends in this country and world. We need to open our old agencies and fashion houses to create empires for our Black models to work out of

    • Good post, but I don’t even want to start to point out the problems with that possible solution. But I’m sure you can imagine.

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