Roland Martin talks to ESPN’s Jason Whitlock about newly drafted NFLer Michael Sam’s new docu-series on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

“I think that his priorities are clearly wrong. He comes from a difficult background and family situations and he’s being manipulated by his handlers,” Whitlock said.

What do you think? As a rookie, should he just focus on football or should he capitalize on all the new-found attention?

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3 thoughts on “ROLAND MARTIN: Why Michael Sam’s Reality Show Is Bad For His Career

  1. From what I’ve seen of Sams…..he appears to be VERY immature. The question is does he want to play football, or do a reality show. I think I heard that the show has been put on hold. I don’t have a problem with gay people at all; but this isn’t a show I would watch. But then I don’t watch most of the ridiculous reality shows. Boriiiiiing!!

  2. Lisa on said:

    I agree that it seems that Sam’s future as an NFL player will be short-lived, if he does not focus on what’s imporrtant. FOOTBALL! He barely got drafted and will not have a big paycheck. Most 7th round picks don’t make a lot of money, but can make the most of their opportunity. He needs to use his spare time in the playbook, talking with coaches asking for advice and being with his teammates. How can he focus on football and a reality show? I believe he can make the team and I know he wants to make more money, but this should be done during the offseason. It’s up to him, but for someone who does not want to be known as a “gay football player”, he is certainly taking every opportunity to remind us of it.

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