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Donald Sterling is finally speaking out and apologizing for his racist comments. Listen to the audio player to hear his apology that doesn’t sound genuine. Does he deserve forgiveness? Let us know what you think!

Twitter Reacts to Donald Sterling’s NBA Ban
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One thought on “Does Donald Sterling Deserve Forgiveness? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Ok I will be the first to throw my hat in the arena. I am not a black woman, but I have a load of black friends. Forgiveness is not a racial issue. Everyone who is sincere in owning their misdeeds deserves the chance at forgiveness. But for him, not yet. It is easy to say you are sorry in one breath and talk crap about Magic Johnson in the next and then expect forgiveness…NOT. Forgiveness for this man may not come in his lifetime for the atonement he would need to do to make this right. It would entail him going into the poverty stricken areas and his own slumlord properties and asking each and every person he has maligned forgiveness. Then and only then, will he be worthy of forgiveness.

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