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04/30/14 – We’re talking all things David Sterling and the NBA! The Morning Crew dishes on the final ruling. Will he sell? Did the Commissioner do the right thing? Very interesting responses. You’ll want to hear this!

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3 thoughts on “TOP OF THE MORNING: ‘They Can’t Make Him Sell, Sterling Will Die Owning The Clippers’

  1. Wanda Suber on said:

    Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling made racist remarks that has everyone talking. Another national concern that has sparked discussion is bullying. I believe it’s time to view cultural racism as a form of bullying. People of color are disenfranchised from political, social and economic opportunities. People of color with a D.M. or Ph.D are seeing whites with a CVS degree or no degree and no experience tapped for job advancement; I view this mistreatment as the most blantant form of bullying and I refer to it as-cultural or racial bullying. Is anyone talking about bullying from that perspective? All I hear is the clock ticking…

  2. Lawrence A blunt on said:

    If the owners agree or try to force him to sell, they still have to deal with his wife, who under California communal law owns 50% of the Clippers…2.5 million dollars, which was agreed upon by the owners association isn’t that much of a percentage for a billionaire…

  3. The NBA by-laws requires disputes to be handled by aberration. So David Sterling will not be taking the NBA to court and dragging things out. When he became an NBA owner that is what all owners agreed to.

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