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Well it looks like the often litigious Donald Sterling is ready to do battle in court. According to TMZ Sports, the now confirmed racist Sterling said, regardless of the outcome was with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver the team was NOT for sale.

Sterling spoke to Fox News reporter Jim Gray just before NBA Commish Adam Silver banned Sterling for life. 

As we previously reported , Silver said in his news conference … if 3/4 of the NBA owners got on board they can force Sterling to sell the team.

However, if that is to happen (which we can’t imagine why it wouldn’t) it appears Sterling is preparing himself to do battle in court.

This story has no immediate ending in sight.


Twitter Reacts to Donald Sterling’s NBA Ban
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2 thoughts on “DEFIANT: Donald Sterling Says He Will Not Sell The LA Clippers [VIDEO]

  1. americanize. on said:

    Well we got a angry racist,very dangerous.Players with short contrats,should not want to play for this angry racist,players coming out of college should not play for this racist,players with long term contracts should just play but without a lot of effort.

  2. Why would clippers owner want to continue to hang wround knowing no one wants him around, sell and move on.all the respect is now gone, its no longer your word against theres, the world has litsensed to your voice and you’ve comfirmed its yours, what more do you want, even sponsors want nothing to do with ya anymore.if you wasnt banned, the majority still wants no association with the sterlings.its taught, no doubt.

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