The Seattle Seahawks are facing a huge lawsuit because of who they won’t allow to buy tickets to their games. A man in Nevada is suing the NFL team for a whopping forty million dollars because he wasn’t able to purchase tickets to a playoff game between the Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ners.

According to the lawsuit brought on by John Williams III, he tried to buy tickets to the NFL playoff game involving the Seahawks and 49ners, but was not allowed to because he lives in Nevada. If you visit Seattle’s website, it said tickets for that specific game were only available for purchase if you lived in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and a few Canadian provinces.

California and Nevada were left off the list of states allowed to purchase tickets allegedly to keep the amount of San Francisco fans at the game to a minimum. That hasn’t been confirmed or denied, but the speculations from disgruntled fans is strong. Williams never indicated whether he was a fan of the Seahawks or the 49ners, but did say the whole ordeal is messed up.

Because Williams feels the policy is wrong and he feels it isn’t in the spirit of the NFL, he’s suing for $40 million. However, a ticket to the game Williams couldn’t buy a ticket to was valued at $400 at the most.

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