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A Los Angeles judge gave Columbus Short two short hours to get all of his belongings and get out of his house today. The order came just days after his wife of nearly nine years, Tanee McCall-Short, filed a restraining order against the actor, claiming he threatened to kill her.

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According to reports, the “Scandal” star went to court to seek permission to return to his SoCal home, but the judge denied the request. He was granted brief access to gather his possessions. His attorney was also ordered to be present during the visit.

As we reported earlier, Short’s wife filed a restraining order, claiming he pinned her down, held a knife to her throat and threatened to end both of their lives. According to the court order, the attack took place on April 7th at their at their Chatsworth, Calif. home. The actress claimed he came home drunk with a wine bottle and attempted to throw it at her. He went on to chock her and demand they play a game of “Truth or Truth.”

As a result of the violent behavior, Tanee filed for divorce for the third time. She’s asking for sole custody of their 2-year-old daughter Ayala.

When is he going to get his act together?!

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