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After Scandal star Columbus Short was hit with a restraining order from his estranged wife and ordered to move out of their California home, the actor appealed the ruling and headed back to court today seeking permission to move back in, but the motion was denied.

According to TMZ, Short was ordered out of the house last week after Tanee McCall-Short accused him of threatening her life during a recent altercation.

The judge did rule that he can have brief access to the house on Monday to gather his possessions. He’ll have just two hours to get his stuff and his attorney must be present during the visit.

The news comes months after McCall-Short filed for divorce to end their eight-year marriage.

It’s the just the latest in personal dramas for Short – he is facing trial for a charge of felony aggravated battery last month following a bar fight, he gave a controversial interview to the Tom Joyner Morning Show which he later apologized for and after the season finale, his future on Scandal is unclear.

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9 thoughts on “Columbus Short Given Two Hours To Move Out

  1. scentimentalme on said:

    He probably has had this in him for a while. Now that he is in an outstanding series, he just flipped. Probably arrogance or possibly bi-polar. It happens. Here’s hoping he gets professional help soon. It may be too late for Scandal but hoping he isn’t too proud to seek help.

  2. This is so sad! Why are so many men angry? I thought he was such a gentlemen (arrogant), but I thought highly of him, especially sense he married a sister. Wow, you just never know!

  3. IanRousseault on said:

    This story is so SAD. This is what happens when young men of color do not have proper parentage. When there isn’t a Man(Father) in the home to show his young son how to become a real Man, these things happen. Men of color, respect yourselves and your offsprings enough to be very involved with their lives, ensuring that they grow up and become SANE responsible Men and a treasure to Society!!!!!

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