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Tom Joyner, Sybil Wilkes and J. Anthony Brown are still shaking their heads over this morning’s bizarre interview with Scandal actor Columbus Short. To put it lightly, he was less than a gladiator on the show this morning. Short was already generating controversy for three domestic violence allegations.   The most recent one accompanied his estranged wife Tanee McCall‘s third divorce filing where she said he pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her and himself. Short responded to the allegations by saying his legal counsel had forbidden him to speak but that he would have his turn in court.

After Thursday’s explosive Scandal finale, Short called in for his previously scheduled interview on Friday, but the interview soon took a strange turn. Although we’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt as he was calling in at 4;45 a.m. Pacific time, he still sounded….off and even called Tom the “n” word. Yes, he did.

Since Short’s fate as gladiator Harrison is in limbo after he was apparently shot in the season finale, we’re not sure what Shonda Rhimes is now going to do with his character.

She must be thinking “Again?” after another scandal felled actor Isaiah Washington‘s character on Grey’s Anatomy some years ago. Can we suggest that Short is in need of his own Olivia Pope in real life…and quickly?

Read a full transcript of the interview: 

 TOM JOYNER: Good morning!

COLUMBUS SHORT: Good morning sir. How you doing, man?

SYBIL WILKES: How are YOU doing?

Tom: How you doin?

Columbus: I couldn’t be better, man, I’m blessed.

Tom: Okay, so last night did you have your viewing and listening party?

Columbus: Uh, Uh, absolutely I did, sir.

Tom: How did it go?

Columbus: (Laughs) No other than it’s supposed to go. Fantastic, sir.

Tom: You got shot at the end of the show, and I’m thinking ‘Wow. ‘

Sybil: Or did he?

Tom: Or did he?


Sybil: No, that’s a question. That’s a question for you.

Columbus: Can I keep it 1,000 with y’all? I don’t know either. (Laughs)

Tom: OK, because I’m thinking, I’m thinking all right. They shot a lot of endings to reveal that Papa Pope was the mastermind of killing all these people.

Columbus: But you know [inaudible]. But you know when you stop racking your brain, you’ll realize it was only one ending. It was the one ending that was already written. Like Shonda had this whole show written from the top to bottom. [inaudible] She has me written top to bottom.

Tom: So how long ago did you know you were going to get shot?

Columbus: The day I got shot. But I’m lying because I didn’t get shot, nigga, man, I mean, people.

Tom Joyner: Oh, I didn’t mean to upset you, Columbus, I’m sorry.

Sybil: It looked like you were going to, so that’s the problem. I get that. So when you got the script that day, but how long ago was that? When you all got the script and you started filming the last episode. Was that within the last month?

Columbus: It was in the last month and what happened was is the producers came to me at the table read and said ‘You gotta work tomorrow and said ‘This is what you got to shoot’ and I was like ‘What?’ But you know what? It’s a beautiful thing. That’s what makes a great actor from a good actor. That’s the deciphering, the deciphering line.

When you get with people like Joe Morton and Jeff Perry and Kate, Kate, Kate Burton and Kerry Washington and Katie Lowes, they know that we can throw something on you today and tomorrow you can change your whole idea of who you thought you were on the show. And they’ll still show up and still deliver. It’s an incredible thing to be a part of.

Tom: I played your song earlier. It’s a nice song.

Columbus: Thank you, I appreciate that.

Tom: Did you always plan to release a song? Was that in the plan?

Columbus: No, that wasn’t in the plan.

Tom: When were you originally going to release this song?

Columbus: When it was ready.

Tom: And when was that?

Columbus: Right now.

J.ANTHONY BROWN: You just don’t want people talking to you?

Columbus: Hey, Hey, Hey, listen, I’m going to keep it 1,000 with you guys.

J.Anthony Brown: That’s 2,000 ‘cause you did a 1,000 before so now we’re 2,000.

Columbus: 1,000 covers a lot of gamut. You deposit $1,000 in a bank account, you’re good. No, but really, keeping it completely honest with you guys, I wasn’t even working on my album when we were shooting this. And I started working on it during this process. It happened to speak to the time that I am in my life. Everything that I’m doing in my album and my single. My single is about women who I believe need to feel confident in themselves. To be like ‘Look, this is what God gave you. You want a man, how about you just be confident in what God gave you.’ Stop trying to put on all that makeup. Stop trying to put on all that eyelashes and hair —

Sybil: So does that mean the women that you’re dealing with are not very confident and that you needed to put this out to send them a message?

Columbus: How about every woman is not really confident. How about I’m not all the way really confident. When you know who you are, confidence is a humbling thing to, to, grasp.

J. Anthony Brown: How about you just don’t do interviews?

Tom: How does your wife feel about the song?

Columbus: Uh, I don’t care. How about I don’t care.

J. Anthony Brown: I think I said it best. If you don’t do interviews…. Well, God Bless you, man.

Tom: All right, Columbus. I hope you have a lot of success. And I hope to see you next season on Scandal. Thanks a lot.

J. Anthony Brown: And keep it 1,000.

Listen above and tell us what you think. 

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176 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Columbus Short Gives Bizarre Interview to TJMS

  1. Janice on said:

    Why kick a man when he’s down. My circle of friends and I are getting tired of the three comedians (Tom, Sybil and Jay) on the TJM show. For the sake of a joke you will take anybody down for a laugh. Tom and Sybil are horrible comedians; they are just mean. There is no balance on the show anymore. I listened to the interview and just like I knew he was in pain so did you. And, you all jumped on it. If all you can do is repeat what mainstream is saying/doing than I don’t want to listen to you anymore. Yes, you did the same thing to Isaiah Washington. Thanks goodness he is getting another chance in life. Everyone else gets a second, third and fourth change in life, why not “us”. Why do we have to lose everything when we make a mistake.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Mistake my ASS!!!! Are you F______ kidding me????? I LOVE the TJMS and I agree with them 100%. There is no such thing as a mistake when you beat Women and hold a knife to the throat of the Mother of your Children!!!! His ASS should FRY!!!!! And you should STOP listening to the TJMS, nobody would give a Damn!

      • Janice on said:

        I take it that you are best friends with Harrison and/or his wife. Yes, I stand by my statements. And, no amount of profanity will change my opinions. The station needs to make some adjustments and give us balance. And, I said a circle of friends are not listening anymore.

  2. Board on said:

    the interview was not that bad. Mr joyner, I don’t know your ethnicity but I assume that you are a black , light skinned brother. I would like to know if you use the N word? does Mr Brown use the N word? cut the dude some slack!! maybe he should not have used it n word on live radio. .but you and mr Brown know that brothers say it to other brothers…… and that’s what he was saying you . He was not mad or trying to be offensive. so you must b old school where you want a ban on the n word or something like that.

    some of his answers were honest . ..some of his answers were off…. but it was 5 a.m. – 6
    a.m. in the morning

    to make it worse yall was jabbin him with the baby mama jokes/comments and stuff like that … that wasn’t cool!! I don’t know any thing about his domestic court issues ….. but let dude get convicted of something first before u label him as something . I thought you all were trying to get a rise out of him when your asking what would “xxxxx” think about his song when he has a pending legal issue with her. Do you think he really cares what she thinks at this time??

    be blessed you don’t have a ratchet money grubbing selfish baby mama like Sum of us. I bet he learned not to do early early morning interviews anymore!

  3. Eugenia on said:

    It seems that Tom Joyner and crew had a “Get certain information,” goal in mind. Columbus Short is an intelligent man and obviously picked up on appears they were trying to see if Shonda modified the script after Columbus’ latest legal issues. It further seems that they are trying to extract from him if he’s been written out of the show as a result of it. What they did was pissed him off, but Columbus handled it well.

  4. Oldschoolyrw52 on said:

    Notice how neither Jay nor Tom comment on Tom’s divorce from Donna – ever. But they talk about everyone else! Plus, the way Tom talked, I thought Columbus was yelling and screaming. NOT. Jay was out of line and so was Sybil.

  5. Sunchile on said:

    Women who wear makeup and/or false eye lashes do not have a lack of confidence; one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Confidence comes from within; make up and/or eye lashes is to enhance your outer beauty. God is concerned with your heart. What Columbus needs toe be concerned with is saying the “N” WORD LOUD AND CLEAR! I am native American and I must say that was TOTALLY inappropriate. There is a line when one is confident and one is arrogant; he is the later.

    Watch what you say, it could turn around and bite you right in your hind parts.


  6. Catfish on said:

    I usually don’t comment on things like this and I love the TJMS show, I listen every morning… CS spoke his mind and I didn’t hear the “N” word… Now J Anthony Brown was RUDE as USUAL and should be silenced every time they have a guest…..Sybil was professional and always is appropriate.. Tom you just go which ever way the winds blows and you need to reel it in before it affects your ratings.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      I Love TJMS, always have! This is a wonderful show, thank God that had the nerve to show just how CRAZY this Columbus Short really is. After this interview maybe it will be apparent to this young THUG to get some help, before he kills somebody and/or himself. Kudos to TJMS for keeping as real as they’ve always have! You know what you’re getting into when you AGREE to go on his show. It is certainly NOT their fault that this wife and child beater could not get that together, The TJMS did exactly what they were suppose to do. And by the way J Anthony Brown is fantastic as always, and is an intricate part of the TJMS!!!!!!

  7. bpdixon on said:

    Glad to see so many people see the obvious. Tom and his silly little crew looked like messy amateurs. They kept trying to move the conversation to his wife but couldn’t. Why didn’t they keep it “1000” and just say, “Listen, we have to ask you about the situation with your wife…blah blah.” But they’re not journalists or interviewers. From the sounds of this clip, they’re not even decent human beings.

  8. Diana tea on said:

    The interview went south when he disrespected Tom and called him a nigga….no self respect he should know how to speak to his elders and in interviews, and I loved Columbus Short… but when people forget to pretend and the real show up its not always Great Hollywood. SMH

  9. D- Mangi on said:

    Wonder how Tom’s wife, oops, I meant WIVES, felt about the interview? I guess when you’re failing, you’ll do anything for ratings. But then again, older generations like jocks that they can relate to. Sad. So sad it’s actually funny!

  10. Deborah on said:

    This was a HORRIBLE interview, but not because of the TJMS crew. Mr. Short should have declined the interview, or at least been better prepared to discuss the two most difficult topics that were likely to be discussed: his career on Scandal, and his feelings on how the media is portraying him about his personal life. He did neither. He was given numerous opportunities to win us over, which he didn’t use to his advantage. Instead, he gave cryptic or short answers, which forced the crew to have to keep it flowing by making a joke or filling the “dead space.” While J. Anthony Brown can be annoying to some at times, he was accurate in saying that Mr. Short “doesn’t want people talking to him,” or “shouldn’t do interviews.” At that point Mr. Short could have kept it light by talking about the early/late hour, etc. Then Tom gave him an opportunity to promote his song, and he instead went into detail about his views on women lacking confidence (ie, makeup, fake eyelashes, hair…) which was NOT a good move on his part. He opened that door. Then and only then, Sybil asked about his experience with women like this (which could have even referred to celebrities or the women he works with) and he again, did the wrong thing by making a vast generalization about all women lacking confidence. By the time Tom asked about his wife’s views on the song, it seemed as if Mr. Short himself had pushed the conversation in that direction based on the bitterness he displayed during those comments he made. I am a fan of his work as an actor, but I am disappointed that he did not use this interview as an opportunity to help build his career and the impression the fans have of him during his personal chaos. Not good at all. I hope that most of what we’ve heard about him isn’t true, but if it is, I hope he gets the help needed and I wish him and his family the best. And as for the TJMS crew…..again, this disaster was not because of them.

    • Arnett on said:

      Thank you Deborah for your viewpoint on this matter. As I said in an earlier post, there are people that are necessary for the career of someone of Mr. Short’s status. Publicist, personal assistant, public relations person, or whatever else you want to call them should be allowed to “coach” him on the ins and outs/do’s and don’ts of public interviews. If he he doesn’t have someone working for him in that capacity, he should find someone good and listen to them. Take a page out of Shonda Rhimes lead character and get a fixer!

  11. MsGetYaSumBizzness on said:

    I gave up on Tom right before he took off It’s Your World….and even then, that was the ONLY reason I was tuning in. Speaking of…..whatever happened to the two other women comedians that used to be on there? Anyway……I listen to Steve’s show. I couldnt go back to Grandpa Tom for all the tea in China.

  12. MEC1972 on said:

    Simply put, Columbus SHort needs better handlers. It is silly to suggest that TJMS should not have asked hard questions. That is the purpose of an interview. Any show would have asked harder questions and TJMS softballed theirs. Columbus should not have done the interview he wasn’t ready. Columbus should have came on, made some jokes, answered the questions with some smart comments and kept it moving. He needs to hire Olivia Pope

  13. IanRousseault on said:

    As I said earlier, this piece of S___ should be fired and put in jail He really needs help as he goes to jail for his camera behavior. We have to STOP giving men like this a pass!!! He has mental problems truly. Women have to stop accepting men like this into their lives. When a man beats you, how do you have any respect and love for them. This Columbus Short is just another embarrassment to ALL BLACK MEN the world over. But I hope the world knows that ALL BLACK MEN are NOTHING like this Creep!

    • Flora Israel on said:

      We can’t judge a situation from the outside, looking in especially when we do not know exactly what happen… Couples have problems, arguments, fights and disagreements…if they are not “Famous” we try not to get involved or pretend not to notice… But No One is Perfect…. and to simply say he should be jailed, or left unemployed is just Judgement, I don’t know what happened but whatever happened is between him, her &GOD!! May some you out there stating what you think should happen to Mr Short, should have your personal business and mistakes published in the local Press for all who know you and don’t know you to comment and judge. Take a walk in the other persons shoes.

      • tamara on said:

        Well said ms flora. People should not be so judgemental. If ordinary peoples lives were on display they would not like to be judged. No one as u stated knows the real whole story. We can only comment on what has been told us. The guy is a great actor who is human first and famous second. No one is above his situation. Normal people deal with divorce and not being able to see their children.

  14. 2 radio jocks and a clown rattling off questions simultaneously would confuse anyone. And what set him off at the end was the clown Jay Anthony Brown repeatedly telling him how about you don’t any interviews.

  15. Lisha Walker on said:

    I find it interesting that in the same week that TJMS had an interview with Columbus Short they were mourning the passing of a blogger that committed suicide due to depression (?). Where is the line drawn that it is OK to make fun of someone who is obviously going through a lot of mental pressure (Short) and then eulogize another that has passed on because of it? The Short interview makes for good drama but at what cost? I will be VERY interested if Mr. Short will EVER speak to the Black press again. I can’t really blame him….

  16. Stephanie on said:

    I listened to the CS interview with the TJMS and I read the transcript in its entirety. While I do believe that CS could use some counseling and much needed prayer, I also believe that the TJMS was out of line in the way that they handled the interview with CS. More specifically it seems as though J. Anthony Brown was intentionally trying to instigate a negative reaction and potential angry outburst from CS. Sybil was also out of line for asking CS what his wifr thought about his music, especially already having prior knowledge of his current legal troubles involving his wife. It was distasteful and messy even for Sybil to resort to that. I am a big fan of the TJMS but I was very disappointed in their overall behavior. I do appreciate that Tom kept his line of questioning and dialog towards CS as professional and courteous as he did.

  17. laveece on said:

    This interview was disrespectful–TJ & team should have been a bit more compassionate knowing what this man is going through. He did y’all a favor by calling into the show.

  18. Kenny B Johnson on said:

    I think Columbus did get irritated with the “professional” comments from this interview, but rightfully so. I’m am SO surprised the the TJMS took the interview in the direction that it went. And J. Anthony Brown … everything is not comedy material … especially someone’s personal business. Overall, not a good look at all for the TJMS. Wonder if this interview works have gone this way on the Steve Harvey Morning Show?

  19. laveece on said:

    Seems the TJ & his team would have displayed a bit of compassion for this man knowing what he is up against. He did you a favor by calling in. Your interview was disrespectful to say the least. Y’all need to check yourselves.

  20. Your show did CS wrong, this title alone makes him look bad. When in fact you and your staff where rude and inconsiderate if everything this young man is going through in his personal life. That’s not cool now his being negative press from tjms… you should have been thankful he respected you enough to call in at such a crazy time. J Anthony Brown was just wrong, I hope you all felt good. However this did not help your ratings, seems to have hurt your show in the long run. Hopefully this unecessary negative publicity will not harm his future on Scandel.

  21. Kandi on said:

    It is obvious Columbus Short has some anger issues and is clearly going through something, but it sounds like Tom Joyner and his crew were antagonizing him in an attempt to elicit a negative reaction. Not nice at all, Tom Joyner morning show. We should uplift each other, not tear each other down. SMH

  22. Tracer Holt on said:

    I neva like TJMS, I think u guys bashed CS for no reason. U guys r very insensitive n too critical, who seem to get upset because he didn’t give y’all information that u wanted. He may been a little off but who wouldn’t be n the middle of a divorce. Y’all don’t know his story so y r y’all judging so quickly!!!!!

  23. David Williams on said:

    Why is it that so many successful people turn out to be clowns…is it a clown gene…does the money attivate the gene or is the gene a requirement for fame

  24. Serena on said:

    I agree the title was misleading, I was expecting some Kanye West bizarreness, but Columbus seemed really chill and relax he didn’t seem angry or yell. I don’t get the big deal about the interview other than the interviewers just wanted to get some gossip on his personal life. I guess that’s what interviewer’s do best. If they genuinely cared it wouldn’t have been a laughing matter.

  25. Melissa on said:

    I mean clearly Columbus Short was drunk or high or whatever, but if that interview was about Scandal than the interview needed to be about Scandal, not his legal issues going on with his wife. Inappropriate. & apparently he is a musician… random.

  26. craig webb on said:

    One more thing let’s boycott his show, pass the word how can he blame a bad interview on CS, am a black man that offended me, I had people talk about me to make there self look big !!!! I don’t have respect for nothing uncle Tom do !!!!!!!!

  27. craig webb on said:

    I disagree with you Tom y’all ambush that brotha, first of all he’s not a comedic actor he’s dramatic, I would be pissed if y’all made me the butt of your jokes and assuming he got shot, Tom I use to listen every morning on my way to work until now. Your a hypocrite one day your helping a black person now your destroying them. You shouldn’t interview a person with comedian listening in. Black on Black Crime ” Nigga”

  28. This heAdline was very misleading. The only thing bizarre about this interview was the TJMS crew. They should better professionalism and journalism skills. And the attempt to use the website as platform to demonize CS opposed to noting the poor way that they handled the interview is shameful.

  29. Here’s my 2 cents – I read the transcripts and then I listen to the interview. It seems like CS was paid $1000 to call TJMS at 4:45am EST and that’s 1:45am in California and Tom wanted CS to talk about Scandal’s “mind-blowing” ending. CS is under contract for Scandal and he was NOT going to blow his contract for $1000. If Tom & the Crew didn’t understand that – then that’s on them. Tom should have re-watch Scandal like I did. CS’s character was left as a cliff hanger – I didn’t think he got shot – he just got “PUNKED” going up against Papa Pope. I wouldn’t blow my “dream job” for a $1000. Now CS’s ongoing divorce & new song issue was another controversial subject. A great poet once wrote “All the world is a stage and all men & women are merely players”….

  30. It’s unfortunate all the way around. But, Tom and his staff were being messy in trying to get him to infer that his assault case and divorce/RO was the reason he may be killed of the show. Then they were also being insensitive about his divorce by asking how his wife felt about his song. They were less than gracious.

  31. The morning show made a mockery of what sounded like a good interview esp. @ 4something in the am…I think you owe Mr. Short an apology. Are you just looking for controversy to keep things interesting?? Kinda like when you laugh hysterically at stuff that is not the least bit funny….Stop dumbing down the show…or not, I usually don’t listen to your show anymore anyway.

    • Thank you Tonia, well said. It’s like he has to put people down to make his show interesting. I thought Columbus Short gave a good interview. AND J Anthony Brown needs to shut up, too. He’s not really funny either, until he starts imitating people like TD Jakes or Bobby Jones, etc.

  32. Brandy Kirk on said:

    What an idiot! That brother has problem with women, CLEARLY! I can’t believe he even had a role in Scandal! His communication skills are horrible!

    • Yvette on said:

      You don’t know what, if any, problem this man has. All you know is what some gossip mag reports. And you failed to missed the sarcasm in Mr. Short’s comments which appear to be directed toward the three people who were supposed to be conducting an interview. But as usual, a TJMS interview with anyone other than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson is a total farce intent on embarrassing or making a mockery of whatever it is the interviewee does or represents. This is the same team who asked esteemed astronaut Mae Jemison how she handled PMS and her period while traveling in space. WTF was the point of a question like that other than to attempt to provoke her into an off color response of which they could continue to make inane jokes about?

  33. He did try to answer the questions asked of him, he said that Shonda, has this thing written from top to bottom and that God had him written from top to bottom. Why does that make him crazy? Most people going through something turn to God. This is suppose to be a nation of faith. Talking about EASTER weekend and all.

  34. Jay B on said:

    Will ppl stop playing arm chair doctor with this brother. If ppl are labeled as mental because of a bad relationship we all be crazy. So, stop with the amateur diagnosis. Columbus Short is simply going through a storm in his life in which he’s distant, short tempered and vulnerable. He should not have done this interview because ppl like TJMS are going to take advantage.

  35. Stacey Lee on said:

    What Tom should do is get rid of the morning minute. That is truly a waisted minute. That guy is not funny. But as usuall Tom cracks up like he is. The show is going down hill.

    • Stacy Lee I totally agree with you…The Morning Minute and Huggy Lowdown have played out! Tom is the only one who sincerely laughs at their segments. The are NOT funny at all. Whenever I do listen, I do something else whenever they come on.

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