He may be a gladiator on TV, but in real-life, Columbus Short is creating scandals of his own. The star of the ABC TV show Scandal which airs its season finale Thursday night, was already accused of being in the middle of a bar fight a few weeks ago.

Now his off-again, on-again wife, Tanee McCall has filed for divorce for the third time and accused the choreographer turned actor of threatening to kill her and himself.

According to TMZ, McCall alleges that Short came into their bedroom on April 7 with a wine bottle and threatened to hit her with it before pouring its contents over her. After getting a knife, he forced her onto a couch and told her they were going to play Truth or Truth and if he she lied, he’d stab her in the leg.

She says he told her to name the man she was having affairs with and when she denied having any affairs, that’s when he threatened her and when she tried to flee, he slashed her tire.

McCall was granted a restraining order and TMZ says Short was allowed to move out, with the supervision of LAPD.

The couple has a 2-year-old daughter which McCall has filed for full custody of.

A statement was released from Short this morning:

“As you all know, lately my personal life has been subjected to a lot of press.  As much as I would like to provide my side of events, my counsel has instructed me that a Court of law is the only and proper venue to deal with such matters.  Accordingly, I must refrain from making any comments even though that is very difficult for me under the circumstances. Thank you to my fans for your continued support during this difficult time.”

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11 thoughts on “Columbus Short Involved in Real-Life Scandal With Estranged Wife [UPDATED WITH STATEMENT]

  1. Janie Walker on said:

    Why should he (I won’t say man, because a man does not harm a woman, or the mother of his child. Nor does a female when it’s the other way around. ) lose his job because of what’s happening in his “personal” life? Won’t he need a paycheck to support his child?

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Absolutely not! When your personal life over shadows your professional life, it’s time to go! Whenever an animal such as Columbus Short thinks that it’s OK to beat and threaten Women, you must shut him down right away!!!! A man who beats a Woman deserves to have his life DESTROYED, he MUST have EVERYTHING taken from him. His livelihood, His dignity(which he no longer has). He is no longer a Human Being! You must show these animals that they CANNNOT get away with this. All men who beat women deserve to have their Freedom taken away from them. They All should serve Life Sentences in Prison, with no opportunity for parole. My Father taught me under NO circumstance you are to NEVER hit/beat a Woman! NEVER!!!!

  2. Blue Daisy on said:

    Why is everyone assuming he is guilty? This is the wife’s third time filing for divorce. Could this be a stunt for custody of their child?

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Oh Please, don’t give me that s___ about what ifs!!!! There’s always been talk and rumors about his behavior, and I’m sure his wife isn’t making this up. Stop being in denial about things. It’s people like you who allow these Monsters to continue this behavior, because of perpetually burying your head in the sand, allowing these non-men to get away with type of behavior forever!!!! Shame on you and all of the other women who do not have the backbone to put these slimes away for their crimes!!!!!!!

  3. Tanisha on said:

    I don’t believe he should be kicked off of Scandal for what is happening in his personal life. Would you want to lose your job because of what you are experiencing at home? If it is not affecting his work, then work and home are separate.

  4. This man has been judged and sentenced in the public’s eye. Let the man handle his personal life. We have honestly become a modern day lynch mob. We do this to black successful entertainers without knowing all the facts.

  5. IanRousseault on said:

    Poor Shonda Rhimes, she cannot catch a break from young black men who have some serious mental deficiencies!!! He ‘HE MUST BE FIRED’ immediately. Anytime you have a so call man threaten a woman, let alone the Mother of his children, you must put this pussy creep in jail FOREVER. He should NEVER work in Hollywood EVER again!!! Who would have the audacity to hire a wife, mother beater? He needs to have the Law come down on his ass like an ANVIL! Obviously he did not have a proper Father and Mother to raise him properly. So it is up to us, the ones who now how to act and treat people, show this sub human animal what happens when you exhibit this type of behavior. I’m so disappointed and sad at this young man, he only has himself to blame for this. I say get rid of him at all cost!!!!!

  6. redbonr1954 on said:

    What the heck is wrong with him? He will probably be replaced next season ain’t nobidy got time for his messy mess. He needs to get some help

  7. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Either he’s a terrible victim of circumstance or he’s a very troubled man! Whatever you’re taking Columbus, stop!

    Check out Asamota’s Corner for all your entertainment news.

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