“So many guys would probably benefit from it and not take as many painkillers, which have worse long-term effects,” Blake Griffin says in regards to the debate around NBA players using medicinal marijuana to manage pain

Bucks center Larry Sanders, who advocated for marijuana’s legalization just after it was announced he would be suspended five games by the NBA for using the drug.


“It’s a banned substance in my league. But I believe in marijuana and the medical side of it. I know what it is if I’m going to use it,” Sanders told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel at the time. He said he has studied marijuana and knows the benefits.

“In a lot of ways we’ve been deprived,”

Sanders said. “You can’t really label it with so many other drugs that people can be addicted to and have so many negative effects on your body and your family and your relationships and impairment. This is not the same thing.”

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said in January that the NFL should look into medicinal marijuana as a means of taking the best possible care of its players.

“We have to explore and find ways to make our game a better game and take care of our players in whatever way possible,” Carroll said weeks before the Seahawks won their first Super Bowl crown.

What are your thoughts on medicinal marijuana? Should athletes use it if it works?

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