When I finally got a job in a newsroom in New York City my confidence was at rock bottom. The Confidence Code states that men are more confident than women even when they are less qualified or less talented than them, that they speak up for themselves more often and that they demand and often receive higher wages for the same.

I can relate to that and I’m sure many minorities can as well.

In my first job in a newsroom, the young people, most of them white, carried themselves with a confidence and a sense of entitlement that I and the few minorities there didn’t have.

And while they certainly weren’t more talented or hard-working as the blacks and Hispanics in the newsroom, they very often got promoted faster and were paid more than us.

Luckily for those of us who struggled through, a new woman news director came in and corrected the situation immediately.

No. We weren’t crazy, lazy or complainers.

We were just victims of entitlement and bigotry.

Soon after, we became more confident in our work and began to perform even better than we were before.

That was 20 years and six jobs ago, yet as I read through that book it was like it was yesterday.

Funny thing is that all of those unfair experiences motivated me.

And more often than not the people who helped me the most professionally were women who clearly in my humble opinion and experience, the more evolved of the sexes.


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13 thoughts on “DON LEMON: “The Confidence Code”

  1. @Jose Valdez, I have you wondering now don’t I?? You know like I know that you love this brown sugar. Don’t get out here in public and forget what you reallly like. If you don’t want me putting you on blast, you might want to watch the way that you talk to people. (Smile)

  2. Joe Valdez, what would you say if I told you that I know exactly who you are?? A leopard can’t hide it’s spots baby boy….LMAO…..Great article Don.

  3. I understand what Don is saying. If people would only give you a fair chance, instead of looking at the color of your skin and talking down to you. You can’t help that you are the race you are, but that shouldn’t affect the work you do. Confidence is hard to have alone without someone telling you that you won’t make it. That’s why it’s a good thing to never listen to negativity and keep moving towards your goals.

    • Joe Valdez on said:

      Take a hike halfbreed street walker. Where is your White daddy at ?? You fat one toothed Ghetto Queen took the Red Neck KKK seed and pop out the result (you) 7 months (2months early) not only where you a mistake but you were a deformed mistake you Ho

  4. stephanie on said:

    Poor little joe valdez with his little Vienna sausage package, are you angry because no one man or woman wants to play with your little Vienna sausage? You need to free yourself of all that rage, be a man and come out the closet, no one will be mad at you, in fact you’ll be more respected. Mr. lemon is a proud man with all the confident and intelligent you’ll never have, poor little joe, so much hate.

  5. How interesting, I had the very same thing happen to me at the very same university (LSU) years before Don Lemon. I lived in the town of Gonzales, La. at the time.
    The only black student in the fine arts class (figure painting). I left class the day it happened, (I refused to let anyone see the tears). I returned to class the next day determined to prove this professor wrong.
    At the end of the semester, finishing at the top of the class, he called me into his office to apologize. Shortly there after, I too packed my vehicle and headed to Los Angeles where I currently reside.

  6. Joe Valdez on said:

    Good for the people i Louisiana when you left, bad for the people IN NEW YORK
    Why are all these Black Freaks being front and center for all the Liberal White Homosexuals ? It seems that the Flavor of the day is to have an Black Freak in front of cameras shaming the Black community?

    • Rhemas Place on said:

      You sure seem to know quite a bit about the “inner workings” of the homosexual lifestyle and acts…it makes me go…HMMMM…

      • Joe Valdez on said:

        Your are a typical stupid African American idiot with an IQ of 55. That is why you don’t understand how these Homo filthy pigs like scumbag Lemon and his fellow Maricons behave.
        You amateur Psychological Games don’t work on me A hole.

      • Rhemas Place on said:

        @ Joe Valdez – A person who has no intellectual ground to stand on always tend to result to name calling to make themselves feel adequate. Compared to you, an IQ of 55 would be considered genius! But on the real, my IQ is 144. I understand quite well how gay individuals engage in sexual activity. But since you are not equipped to grasp the concept of my previous statement, let me break it down to you elementary style. I could care less about what Don Lemon or any other person does in their own private lives. I never think or dream about, or meditate on what they are doing. It is just that. What they are doing. I suggest you do the same. You may feel better about yourself. You appear to be quite perturbed that you “weren’t invited to the party.” I suggest you find something more suitable to your level of intellect because I’m not it. And by the way, Don Lemon and no one else shames the Black Community. Psychological games…child please…you make me laugh.

      • Joe Valdez on said:

        Suck my middle finger Puta. Your Toto smells like rotten pus . wash your smelly thing and start making money maricon.

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