Doug Glanville, a retired major league baseball player was reminded that racial profiling in America was still very much alive and well as he stood in the driveway of his Tudor home in Hartford, CN, shoveling snow.

Glanville writes (as told to The Atlantic):

I noted the strangeness of his being in Hartford—an entirely separate town with its own police force—so I thought he needed help. He approached me with purpose, and then, without any introduction or explanation he asked, “So, you trying to make a few extra bucks, shoveling people’s driveways around here?”

It would have been all too easy to play the “Do you know who I am?” game. My late father was an immigrant from Trinidad who enrolled at Howard University at age 31 and went on to become a psychiatrist. My mother was an important education reformer from the South. I graduated from an Ivy League school with an engineering degree, only to get selected in the first round of the Major League Baseball draft. I went on to play professionally for nearly 15 years, retiring into business then going on to write a book and a column for The New York Times. Today, I work at ESPN in another American dream job that lets me file my taxes under the description “baseball analyst.”

But I didn’t mention any of this to the officer. I tried to take his question at face value, explaining that the Old Tudor house behind me was my own […] After a few minutes, he headed back to his vehicle. He offered no apology, just an empty encouragement to enjoy my shoveling. And then he was gone.

Did Glanville handle the situation correctly? What would you have done? 

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8 thoughts on “Retired Major League Baseball Player Racially Profiled in His Driveway

  1. pesach kremen on said:

    I wonder what follow up, if any, will be done by the PD involved to give diversity training to this officer. An apology definitely would have been in order and still is in order. I wonder is he would of asked the same question to a white man? I hope something is done. The days of DWB and similar must stop.

  2. Mac Ben on said:

    Good on you Doug, that whiteboy would have shot your sure as shit, if you made any “false moves”. Live to fight another day! Now, if only you could have gotten his name and blasted it in the story.

  3. americanize. on said:

    He handled the situation,correctly because had he not he could have been killed. The fact of the matter is he was racially profiled.We black folks know that their are white supremist in law enforcement.To some of them black people shouldn,t be able to ride in nice cars,or live in a nice home.But since we have over 200 yrs,of experience in racism,we know what to do to stay alive.Because from experience,we know they will KILL us.RACIST DEVILS.

  4. So I guess the first paragraph is Glanville thinking what the officer might have been thinking when he saw him there. That paragraph was kiknd of confusing to me until I read the rest of the article These cops where ever will shoot you. Then ask questions after the fact. Right or wrong you are dead. Then what was the point? Keep cool. He did the right thing.

  5. Timekeeeper on said:

    You asked the million dollar question, “did he handle this correctly”? There is no perfect answer to that. Oh yes, we know what the handbook says about , dont talk back, keep your hands on the steering wheel, dont make any sudden moves, etc. etc. Yes, all of this is true, and more. That having been said there have been times when black men have crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s when these confrontatrkions occur and depenidng on the officer may still not survive the outcome. Yes, Mr. Glanville did properly handle the situation. But suppose this cop ( like so many have done) would have overstepped his bounds?
    A situation that remains on the back of every black man’s mind when he see’s “To Protect and Serve” but to protect and serve WHO??

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