Karrine Steffans is Montana Fishburne‘s mentor while she starts over after starring in an adult film.

Steffans herself is a former video vixen and starred in her own porno as well.

So it only make sense Fishburne turned to Steffans in her life’s transition.

Fishburne slammed the adult entertainment industry last year (after realizing she wasn’t going to be the next Kim Kardashian).

Montana Fishburne shocked the world (including her father Lawrence Fishburne) back in 2010 after starring in her own porno with pornstar Brian Pumper — thinking she could become famous like Kardashian.

Yeah, that didn’t work out so well for her. And she admitted to regretting the decision.

But no need to fear, Steffans is here… to help Fishburne put her life back together.

Fishburne has a new direction as a certified personal trainer (like her mother).

Steffans — the author of “Confessions of a Video Vixen” and four other books — gave Fishburne a job as a contributor to her blog, “I Am So F’n Gorgeous.”

“It may seem like a stretch to you but physical fitness and health are major parts of Montana’s life. The kid knows her stuff! Now, is she bat s—t crazy otherwise? Maybe. But we’re not here for her life advice; we’re here for toned abs and an ass that won’t quit,” Steffans said.

Having gone through what Fishburne is going through, Steffans is helping in the process of building her back up!

“So, give her a chance,” she challenged, before adding: “I am not trying to convince you she is worthy of respect; I am trying to convince her.”

What do you think? Is Karrine the right person to get advice for? Should Montana steer clear?

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5 thoughts on “Karrine Steffans Helps Mentor Montana Fishburne’s Start Over

  1. i believe everyone deserves a second chance in life.that what its all about how do you grow if you never been through nothing,how do you know if you can be strong if you never had to overcome weakness.God bless both of them cuz at least they did not die in their past environment

  2. Yep Montana. A hard head makes a soft ass. Should have listened to daddy. Now you have to be built back up, when there was no need to sink so low in the first place.

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