Premature ejaculation (PE) affects almost every man at some point in his life due to a number of causes, ranging from anxiety to overstimulation.  PE is a condition that can be embarrassing for most and difficult to speak about because of the hit it delivers to the ego, but it is a condition that can be prevented and reversed.

Some men have an issue with PE due to an overuse of self-pleasuring, but through using that same technique in moderation and in a precise way, PE can be avoided and stamina can be lengthened.

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One thought on “Men: This PE Has NOTHING To Do With The Gym!

  1. Markrobinson on said:

    Premature Ejaculation healing sound formula is an alternative treatment of Premature Ejaculation with no side effects. Healtone’s Sound therapists have discovered thousands of healing sound frequencies and derived certain formulas for healing rapidly and easily.

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