Rosey Grier may have intimidated football players as part of the L.A. Rams’ “Fearsome Foursome” defense back in the day, but the 81-year-old NFL legend is facing a different situation today.

According to TMZSports:

Grier is being sued for allegedly sexually assaulting his female neighbor. Legal documents obtained by the web site detail claims made by Jana Young, a married woman who says she allowed Grier to move into her home in while his house was under construction.

In the lawsuit, which was filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Young claims Grier “purposefully exposed himself, completely nude, to Young without her consent” while he was staying in her home and then asked her, “How do you like it?”

Young, who claims she served as Grier’s manager, says she immediately kicked former football star of her house, the suit noted, as things got weirder between them.

When she later went over to Grier’s house to collect money he owed her for work she did as his manager and for cash she fronted for his home remodel, Young claims Grier shoved his hand into her pants and told her, “You feel like a virgin.”

Young claims she immediately ran home, TMZSports reports. It is unclear if she ever filed a police report on Grier, who went on to become an ordained Christian minister after playing for the NFL.

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(Photo Source: TBN)

6 thoughts on “NFL Legend Rosey Grier Accused of Sexually Assaulting Female Neighbor

  1. When…what date did this alledged circumstance take place? I know Rosey and helped him with his new music two years ago. I heard that he had recently married a school teacher…now this? It does not add up…I really want to hear what Rosey has to say…

  2. Really???? He’s 81, so why didn’t she just kick him between the legs or something. She also says she was his manager so I assume she knows the kind of man he is. So at 81 he’ll be considered a sex predator? How old is this women? One thing that stands out is she says he owes her money and not once did they say he was giving it to her so I guess she can holla rape or something! I hope they don’t waste tax payers money or an empty cell on this one!

  3. Extremely stupid of her not to call the police. Simple case of ” she said, he said”, without even a police report to refer to.

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