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1. 1. Dwyane Wade also is a Chicago Bears fan, pictured here with the Chicago Bliss.

2. 2. T.I. loves the Atlanta Falcons (Photo: AP)

3. 3. Drake’s favorite team is also the Atlanta Falcons. (Photo: AP)

4. 4. Kenan Thompson also is a fan of the Falcons (Photo: PR Photos)

5. 5. Brian McKnight is a Buffalo Bills fan. (Photo: PR Photos)

6. 6. President Barack Obama cheers for the Chicago Bears. (Official White House Photo

7. 7. Condoleezza Rice is a Cleveland Browns fan. (Photo: AP)

8. 8. Jamie Foxx loves the Dallas Cowboys. (Photo: PR Photos)

9. 9. LeBron James also is a Dallas Cowboy fan. (Photo: AP)

10. 10. Don King is a Detroit Lions fan. (Photo: AP)

11. 11. Jennifer Lopez loves the Miami Dolphins (Photo: AP)

12. 12. Darius Rucker also is a Miami Dolphins fan. (Photo: AP)

13. 13. Minnesota Vikings is the team Lil Wayne loves.(Photo: AP)

14. 14. Aaron Neville supports his home team the New Orleans Saints (Photo: AP)

15. 15. Denzel Washington is a fan of the New York Jets.(Photo: AP)

16. 16. Jay Z will is also a fan of the New York Jets.(Photo: AP)

17. 17. Ice Cube loves him some Oakland Raiders (Photo: AP)

18. 18. Tiger Woods also is an Oakland Raiders fan.(Photo: AP)

19. 19. It’s the Philadelphia Eagles for Will Smith. (Photo: AP)

20. 20. 50 Cent is also a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.(Photo: AP)

21. 21. Snoop dogg is a Pittsburg Steelers fan.(Photo: AP)

22. 22. Wiz Khalifa is also a Pittsburg Steelers fan.(Photo: AP)

23. 23. Nelly, of course if a fan of the St. Louis Rams.(Photo: AP)

24. 24. Anthony Anderson cheers for the Washington Washington Football Team(Photo: AP)

25. 25. Wanda Sykes is also a Washington Washington Football Team fan.(Photo: AP)

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