A lawyer for the ten former “American Idol” contestants suing over alleged discrimination on the show has filed a new brief in the case that attempts to use statistics to prove racial disparity among disqualified contestants.

Per The Hollywood Reporter’s Eriq Gardner:

The original complaint filed in New York was 429 pages long and covered a good amount of ground from “unconscionable Willy Wonka contracts” to allegedly manipulated reality television to support the notion that there was something fishy about the disparate amount of African Americans who were disqualified from competition over the years.

Since being filed eight months ago, the lawsuit has undergone a couple of revisions and is headed towards a judge’s determination about whether it should go forward.

Three weeks ago, the defendants, including Fox Broadcasting, Freemantle, 19 Entertainment and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, brought a motion to dismiss that argued that the allegations were too late, barred by the First Amendment and that some of the plaintiffs lacked standing. Further, the defendants firmly denied that Idol is a rigged contest, that it was hardly falsely advertised and that contestant agreements are valid.

Do you think Idol is rigged? Is there some truth to the accusations or is it strictly a coincidence?

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5 thoughts on “Black Plaintiffs in ‘American Idol’ Racism Lawsuit Offer Evidence

  1. I stopped watching the show because I believe there’s racism involved. Many of the African Americans that get kicked off sing way better than those screechy caucasion women and country sounding males. Another issue I have is how those young girls vote for the “cute” guys regardless if they can sing or not. They really need a better voting system. When it first came on I thought that the people who were winning really deserved to win (Kelly Clarkson, Ruben, Fantasia, and even Carrie Underwood) but now the show isn’t legitimate in my book.

  2. I they fail to show that other races of contestants were allowed on the show who had criminal records at the time they auditioned, they’re dead in the water.

    • I meant “unless” they show that other races of contestants were allowed on the show who had criminal records at the time they auditioned, they’re dead in the water. Sorry about the typo.

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