We had a bad feeling about this when we saw this week’s episode of “Scandal” and now it’s being reported by Eben Gregory that our suspicions were possibly correct and that the “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes was sending a serious message to actor Columbus Short about getting his life together.

As we previously reported, Columbus Short recently found himself in trouble with the law in the last month or so for domestic battery of his spouse and for getting into a bar fight a few weeks ago.

A source close to production on Scandal allegedly told Hip Hollywood,

“Shonda Rhimes doesn’t “tolerate negative press” and she “issued him a warning to get his personal issues sorted out. We are told that if the actor “continues with his violent behavior, he could get the ax from the show.”

Considering the facts that this past Thursday’s episode was filmed way before March 15th when Short allegedly beat the brakes off a man at a bar….and that his character was seemingly put into a comatose state this week..let’s just say it ain’t looking to swell for old Harrison right about now!

Stay Tuned!




6 thoughts on “Is Columbus Short’s “Scandal” Role In Jeopardy?

  1. lakia hobson on said:

    please don’t get rid of Columbus short everyone makes mistakes nobody is perfect he is brilliant on the show please keep him on everything is going to be ok with just give him time but don’t fire him off the show thanks shonda for putting on the show.

  2. He will definitely be fired! We know that Shonda Rhimes doesn’t really care for black males being on her shows to begin with, so this will provide an excuse to dismiss another black male. Remember Isaiah Washington and how badly she treated him?

    • iann11 on said:

      That’s a bald faced ‘LIE’ about Shonda Rimes, she has done an awful lot for black actors and actresses in Hollywood. The problem is with the stupid ass actors such as Isaiah Washington and Columbus Short who for whatever reason have some serious mental defects, and have absolutely no clue how to handle themselves a Men in society, this crap is their fault. You cannot blame ANY ONE else for stupid behavior and bad choices that are theirs and theirs alone. Grey’s Anatomy have soooooo many people of color today and in the past in their cast, that what you’re saying about her is nothing short of BLASPHEMY!!!! She is NOT responsible for Grown Ass Men, who were NEVER taught by their Father and/or Mother on how to be responsible citizens of this earth!!!!!!!! SMDH!!!!!

  3. iann11 on said:

    Fire him right away!!!! He’s a wife beater and a serial cheater!!! There is nothing worse than a Man beating his Wife in front of their children. Get him off of this show right now. And then Arrest his trifling ass and put his THUG ASS under the jail

  4. iann11 on said:

    Poor Shonda Rimes, I’m sure she’s pulling her hair out. First on a series of hers, she has Isiah Washington with all of his dumb ass shenanigans now she has Columbus Short on another series of hers!!!!! She must be wondering if there are any credible men of color in Hollywood who can just be normal everyday people, without criminal past and some serious mental defects!!!!!!! This is very disturbing for men of color, why can’t they just live and enjoy life without all of the Craziness?? SMDH???

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