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We had a bad feeling about this when we saw this week’s episode of “Scandal” and now it’s being reported by Eben Gregory that our suspicions were possibly correct and that the “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes was sending a serious message to actor Columbus Short about getting his life together.

As we previously reported, Columbus Short recently found himself in trouble with the law in the last month or so for domestic battery of his spouse and for getting into a bar fight a few weeks ago.

A source close to production on Scandal allegedly told Hip Hollywood,

“Shonda Rhimes doesn’t “tolerate negative press” and she “issued him a warning to get his personal issues sorted out. We are told that if the actor “continues with his violent behavior, he could get the ax from the show.”

Considering the facts that this past Thursday’s episode was filmed way before March 15th when Short allegedly beat the brakes off a man at a bar….and that his character was seemingly put into a comatose state this week..let’s just say it ain’t looking to swell for old Harrison right about now!

Stay Tuned!

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