1. VP Sally Langdon

VP Sally Langdon kills her husband when she discovers his sexual preference. Now that Cyrus has helped her cover it up, does that mean she’s going to owe him, big time? Well, of course. We can’t wait to see how this plays out.

2. James

Now that James is the White House press secretary, he’s no longer an asset to Cyrus when he needs good press, or a pain when he wants to uncover secrets. But will his new intimacy with the White House help or hurt their relationship, which has lately been rocky due to Cyrus’ manipulations? Hmmmmm.

3. Quinn

Oh, Quinn. You’re pretty hard on boyfriends since the last two are dead. Now that you’re with Charlie, that might mean he’s a goner. Huck trains you to be Baby Huck, then has to do some dental alterations when you go rogue. We have no idea what goes on with you these days or what side you’re even on. Guess we’ll find out soon.

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