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1. Cyrus Vance

Cyrus, now that you’ve helped the VP cover up a murder, what’s next? Even you are running out of schemes. On the other hand, we’ve got to admit we love all the shenanigans your character goes through just to remain the man that’s next to the man. We can only hope you don’t get yourself killed anytime soon.

2. Mama Pope

Mama Pope, we thought you wore the white hat. But as it turns out, you must be wearing the black one, because you went from being a victim to an international terrorist in a heartbeat. (We should have figured something was up when you gnawed through your wrist). What are you gonna do next, Mama Pope? We can’t wait to see.

3. VP Sally Langdon

VP Sally Langdon kills her husband when she discovers his sexual preference. Now that Cyrus has helped her cover it up, does that mean she’s going to owe him, big time? Well, of course. We can’t wait to see how this plays out.

4. James

Now that James is the White House press secretary, he’s no longer an asset to Cyrus when he needs good press, or a pain when he wants to uncover secrets. But will his new intimacy with the White House help or hurt their relationship, which has lately been rocky due to Cyrus’ manipulations? Hmmmmm.

5. David Rosen

David Rosen

Now that David Rosen is back in the U.S. Attorney’s office, will he continue to be on the Gladiator’s side or will he have to do what his conscience dictates so he doesn’t lose his job again? And how can he and Abby sustain their crazy love when they’re usually on opposing sides?

6. President Fitzgerald Grant

President Fitzgerald Grant

Oh, Fitz. You’ve got problems. You found out that you won the Presidency by deceit, you can’t be with your mistress, your wife and chief of staff are always scheming and now your VP done gone and killed her husband. What’s a President to do? Will Fitz, who’s already got a body on his record, go to the dark side or will he try to find some integrity as he fights for reelection?

7. Abby


Abby is one of “Scandal’s” most intriguing characters. She’s survived domestic violence with the help of Olivia Pope, but she’s always that one employee who questions the boss. Will Olivia continue to deal with her, especially since she’s now getting cuddly with David Rosen? I guess we’ll have to see.

8. Quinn

Oh, Quinn. You’re pretty hard on boyfriends since the last two are dead. Now that you’re with Charlie, that might mean he’s a goner. Huck trains you to be Baby Huck, then has to do some dental alterations when you go rogue. We have no idea what goes on with you these days or what side you’re even on. Guess we’ll find out soon.

9. Jake

Can the new head of B13 make some sense of all the craziness? Will Jake prove to be a better boss than Olivia’s dad? Can he run things his way without Fitz on his back? These are all questions that will have to be answered…and soon.

10. Mellie Grant

Mellie, Mellie, Mellie. Has there every been a wife on TV as long-suffering as you? Raped by Dad, dissed by hubby and losing power, which we think is actually your real love. But we’ve got to say, just when we have you figured out, you change up on us. What’s next? Well, we’ve heard we’ll finally see those kids – the ones always talked about but never seen. That’s gotta be interesting.

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