Dr. Albert Wu is an internist at John Hopkins University who is well versed on positive health care outcomes. He received his medical degree from Cornell University and his Master’s In Public Health from Columbia University. Dr. Wu has done extensive research in quality of life for HIV patients and is a well-respected expert on medical errors and how to decrease them.

In children and adolescents, medical errors and possible side effects from even the most routine surgery can be challenging to uncover and resolve as Sybil Wilkes’ blog proves. Dr. Wu says parents must be vigilant when dealing with doctor’s both before and after any medical procedures are done as they are the best advocates for their children’s health and well-being.

Hey Doc: The last time I took a Viagra pill, the next day both my hands were numb. Am I having a side defect of death?

Probably not!  As long as the numbness went away – but you might want to ask your Doctor.

Why would this Doctor suggest Wikipedia and not WebMd?

 My mistake!  I love WebMd.  But Wikipedia can be a good source as well.

What kind of steroids can cause the psychosis?

Any steroids, especially in a high dose can cause psychosis.

Why is it that the Doctors do not have to be accountable for providing complete disclosure? We are patients relying on them to take care of us true we need to know an ass but as a standard practice complete disclosure should be the norm.

I think doctors should give patients the information ahead of time – but they don’t always so it pays to be proactive.

 Good Morning, What medications typically because steroid psychosis?

Any steroid -Decadron here, Prednisone could too.

Doctor, what do you do when you ask the questions but your DR. LIES?? I suffered dearly after my OBGYN surgery.

Sorry to hear it – But “what medications did I get?” is a very routine question.

Dr. Woo I am wondering what other meat a person can eat who have type 2 Diabetes? 

Any meat is good – chicken and turkey are lower fat, fish is fine if it agrees with you. Depends if you are also trying to reduce calories.

My 14 year old daughter had braces put on last month. The Doctor referred her to another doctor to extract eight teeth. Four of these are wisdom teeth now. Why do they want to extract teeth after braces are put on? Should I be overly concerned about them pulling eight teeth at once?

Braces are often needed because there isn’t enough room in your mouth for all those teeth – so taking some is common I had 7 pulled myself.

Can tea from China cause coughing, red welts, and blisters for two months? I went to four Doctors, but it stopped only after quitting the tea.

I suppose, if you were allergic to it, or to something in it – cough, welts and blisters is common for a food allergy.

I will be going in for a Hysterectomy Da Vinci Surgery what questions should I be asking?

Can you take me through what’s going to happen, step by step?  After the surgery is there anything I should watch out for? What should make me call you or come back to the hospital?

I’m having a Colonoscopy in April. Should I ask now what I will be given in order to research beforehand?

It would make sense to ask what medications they are going to use for sedation – especially if you have been sensitive to anesthesia before.

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